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05 Jun 2013 - 20:26103680
Master Chief MK VI sculpt
Hey guys.

I thought I would kick things off showing you my Halo sculpt. I have already made a full EVA foam suit of the Master Chief but as much as I love it its just not crisp enough so thought i would have a go at sculpting it then casting it instead. This is my first go at sculpting and I am loving it! It was to be just the helmet but now I want the rest

Its an oil based clay so once I have the last bits finished on it and the lines nice and crisp I will be smoothing it out with some white spirits. I cant wait to order my silicone and get this thing moulded as its taken about a month now to get to this stage.

I am giving myself a dead line of a year ready for next Mays London Comic-Con. I wore my foam suit and it seemed to get a good response but next year I want to dress to impress

Hope you like.

06 Jun 2013 - 04:14103696
love it love it love it! good to see you found the site too.

06 Jun 2013 - 21:09103752
It looks awesome already. I wish I could sculpt

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