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17 Feb 2009 - 10:2210857
I'm just stalking MoonLily because um. I am cool and get to do that (that and I am just like "cosplay communities? WHAT'S THAT" lmao).

Anyway! Nice to meet everyone~~!

I am a total amateur at this cosplaying thing so er. I guess it's good I've got friends who know what they're doing. I envy how people who're really dedicated to this can give up life supplies to buy cosplaying items and materials XDDD! I couldn't do it, I love my booze far too much /o/ (his is clearly the reason why half my planned/in progress costumes involve re-using clothes which I bought for other cosplays lalalala).

OH RIGHT. I can't sew (yet), so I'm kind of living off the whole scavenger-hunt type cosplays, which...work fine for me, and it doesn't mean I didn't put any effort XD;;!

Anyway I'm currently an international student studying here and DAMN AT LEAST COSPLAY CULTURE EXISTS IN THIS COUNTRY. We have er...ONE proper convention in Malaysia, wtf. And then one run by a uni in the middle of no where that no one really can get to, but they get coolio seiyuu to come. But that's it XDDD.

Hope to get to know everyone ^^

18 Feb 2009 - 23:2810903
Hi, welcome to the site! I hope you enjoy yourself here. Huzzah for booze and scavenger hunt cosplays, that's a great term for it!! XD

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