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03 Jun 2013 - 18:44103532
ADVICE PLEASE ....how do you prepare for going out in cosplay
hey guys its a while since iv uploaded a thread , i am planning to cosplay to my school prom. Im really excited im going as a steampunk female mad hatter.

im a tad nervous , how do you guys get yourself in character and go out in cosplay . How do people syke themselves up for it , this is just something thats been on my mind and a question iv wanted to ask . Ps does anyone know how to stop your head itching when wearing a wig x

hugs thanks guys

05 Jun 2013 - 10:08103633
If you haven't already, get a wig cap. The heat of wearing a wig is probably what's causing the itching (and there's not much you can do about that). But the cap should keep your own hair in place, and protect from any itchy bits from the wig itself.

I normally get nervous when about to step out the door. That last look in the mirror is great for making sure you aren't showing things you shouldn't, but that's when the doubt hits.

If possible, get ready with a friend, then you can tell each other you look great, and reassure yourselves you don't look awful!

Long term, post some pics on your Cosplay Island profile, and join in the Comment on the User Above's Costumes thread. You'll get lots of positive feedback on your costumes

06 Jun 2013 - 04:17103698
I usually get some themed inspirational pictures to look at. That way you can see your character doing something that may inspire your actions

06 Jun 2013 - 16:35103728
thankyou for your replys i find this really interesting

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