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01 Jun 2013 - 20:19103434
Final Fantasy VI Cosplay Group
Hi guys!

I thought I might as well spread this over to CI too. I'm hoping to assemble a big FFVI cosplay group and am looking for interested people!

There's no set date yet...we'll most likely go with what is best for the majority and of course re-wears are always a possibility. It will at least be happening sometime next year though.

The majority of the planning is going down on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/events/107470389462981/?fref=ts

Ideally it'll be best to get all the mains first before we start doubling up so please bare that in mind. There's a ton of awesome characters! ^^ It's also first come first served.

These are just the 'main' characters but if you have interest in any others please let me know and I'll add them on!

Please only say you're definitely doing someone if you ARE! Otherwise I can put you down as a maybe. :3

Current Character List:

(?) - Unconfirmed
Terra Branford - Sisceal
Locke Cole - Leolarua
Celes Chere
Edgar Figaro - Captain_Marvelous (?)
Sabin Figaro - Simon
Cyan Garamonde - Royster (?)
Setzer Gabbiani - Demented Kid
Strago Magus
Relm Arrowny - MoonLily
Kefka Palazzo - Scott
Ultros (plz xp)
Leo Cristophe
Cid Marquez
Emperor Gestahl

Please either reply here, on fb or pm me if you're interested! ^^

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