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31 May 2013 - 10:29103357
GLaDOS costume help?
For October expo I was thinking of possibly trying to get a GLaDOS cosplay together from the games Portal and Portal 2, however after looking at other peoples costumes I realised I may need some advice and help on what I want to do

For this I want to make a kind of head/eye piece for her to go over my left eye similar to what other cosplayers have done in the past.

Here is a photo of GLaDOS http://img.hsmagazine.net/2011/06/portal-glados.jpeg

I have a basic idea of what I can do for the dress and with a wig but any tips could be appreciated greatly! Thank you everyone!

31 May 2013 - 12:36103364
Sites like pintrest, deviantart, etc are great for getting ideas for how you want a gijinka/humanoid to look like.

Tutorials are your friend too! I just looked up a tutorial for the headpiece as an example

Due to "science" being the main theme, I would assume fabrics such as lycra, pvc, vinyl, spandex, etc would be good to use

Some people use bodysuits/zentais, some people make dresses, some people make playsuits, etc.

I usually scout out fan art and use a design from them as I'm terrible at concept art and general imagination

31 May 2013 - 16:46103379
Thank you so much! Gonna have a look at the tutorial and stuff now since I'm gonna try and do the prop first in case it is too difficult for me xD

Thank you again!

02 Jun 2013 - 10:31103451
There is no fixed way to be GLaDOS so it's not hard to be recognizable. As long as you have a mostly white costume with black being the main other colour used correctly, then you've got yourself a good GLaDOS


Can ya guess the theme yet?
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