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29 May 2013 - 13:12103248
Entering competitions and advertising it?
I was wondering out of curiosity, is it okay to advertise yourself if you have entered a competition and would like to win?

I have just entered one myself and have no idea how to advertise it so I have a Chance of winning as I'm not very well known myself.

I thought about asking people on here but then thought, it's probably not a good idea otherwise everyone would do it and the forums would be cluttered with people trying to win things.
But on the other hand is there really any other way?

It would be great to get peoples input plus this might be helpful for other people in the future.


29 May 2013 - 13:35103252
The problem with these competitions on Facebook or other sites that require votes rather than independent judging is that they can quickly turn into a popularity contest where people enlist their friends and even strangers to vote for them without having them vote what they truly think to be the best entry. There's no way to vet it, and generally it becomes unfair - it depends on whether you think that this is underhanded and if you should be doing it yourself. If others are though, then its sort of fair game. There's no right or wrong answer to this, I've done it myself because I recognised the trend of people asking their friends when I noticed that their own efforts were minimal to my own (wasn't cosplay related)

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