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29 May 2013 - 10:26103241
Hello there
Hi my name is Scott, havent cosplayed or made any props in near two years and I miss it so.
I realise this sounds like a broken record but I was also worried about being 28 and wanting to continue cosplaying, but after looking around here for a lil while I realised I was being silly.
Cant wait to work on Shingeki no kyojin cosplay with that awesome 3D maneuver gear

30 May 2013 - 09:31103298

They call me Daddy Toby cos I dance like an old man
04 Jun 2013 - 11:21103558
I'd recognise that username anywhere you handsome bugger.

Being 28 hasn't stopped me either ;D

04 Jun 2013 - 17:21103586
Jae you sexy beast, good to see you here to mate

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