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28 May 2013 - 17:03103183
So at MCM at the weekend I was, as a pregnant lady, naturally on the lookout for babies at the event, either in cosplay or out of it.

I did spot a fair few - some even in costume (shout out to the lovely little one in the Yoda outfit outside in the park on Sunday!), and it got me thinking.

Is it a good idea to bring your baby to a convention?
Is it right?
Is it good/right to dress them up?

I love cosplay and expos, and I want to continue to do them for a very long time, but I would have reservations about bringing a child who has no say in the matter, to a place where there are people taking photos everywhere.

On the other hand, bringing a baby to an expo is good for socialising and continuing to do the things you love without having to worry about child care for a weekend. Plus they are very sweet and seeing some of them in costume at MCM made my weekend! Plus it makes for a really fun family photo to embarrass them with when they are older

What are your opinions on babies, toddlers and young children at conventions?

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29 May 2013 - 12:45103244
I personally wouldn't until my child was at an age to appreciate and handle the (sometimes stifling) conditions that you would get at MCM. As an adult I was pretty miserable there on the Saturday with it being crowded, loud, and hot - so a baby wouldn't have much more of a better time.
They're pretty demanding so whereas you might want to check out a panel of someone you've been waiting to meet/see/grab a signing for a long time, the little one may decide at that same moment that they need to be changed/fed etc.
There's also other attendants to consider - who may not appreciate any noise or lack of room due to strollers. I myself don't really mind so much, but areas between stands can get congested as it is and people can be very careless. I'd hate to think of any unintentional harm coming to a baby because of this. Not everyone is self aware either (the number of times I was walked into and smacked by props over the weekend was too much for my liking)

My post looks a bit biased, I love to see kids at events and seeing them having a good time but I keep their best interests at heart. I imagine it'd be hard to keep them happy all of the time and would personally be a little too worried about this. By all means make your own choice on it but here's my own opinion.

29 May 2013 - 14:42103253
When I have children I think I would prefer to bring them to an expo then leave them with a relative or friend. I also will want to continue going to expos to see friends.

I think the child should always be put first though. If on the day the child doesn't feel well, skip expo all together. If they start crying and getting grouchy then take them back to the hotel or back home.

And when it comes to cosplay, I don't see the problem in it as long as it's comfortable and you have a change of clothes for if they want to get out of it.

I once saw a mother with a baby who were both in cosplay. The baby started crying during a photo shoot and the mother got angry and gave the baby to her mother (who was luckily there with them) and started moaning about how her own child ruins her fun.

But all in all, it's ok to bring a child to an expo as long as their needs are always put first.


29 May 2013 - 17:24103261
Thanks both of you for your posts! Both sides of the argument are good I think, which is why I would be so torn. I think I would be very wary of taking a child into the convention itself to look at stalls etc, especially on the Saturday. It is just heaving, and stifling conditions are no place for a baby! Sunday was a lot better for looking around in my opinion. A lot quieter, and not so much hassle to look at stalls. I saw a fair few dads with front carriers there which was nice as it saved a lot of space!

I think if I was going to bring my child to an event I would absolutely put him first, no question. Not sure what that lady particularly expected when doing a photoshoot!

A big concern of mine would be other people taking photos of my baby, especially just random people. I would feel very uncomfortable doing that and for me it would be a huge deciding factor. Of course so is his temperament - right now I don't know whether he will be a jolly bouncy kid or a grumpy guts, so that is another thing to consider.

29 May 2013 - 17:57103263
You definitely have the right to say no to anyone wanting photos, and if they're decent human beings then they will understand and back off. Those who don't...well, it's their problem and they're going to have to get over it. If they give you any hassle just go to security and they'll sort it out for you without you having to get your hands dirty.

Timing when you go into the main hall is a very good idea. Late Sunday and Friday were definitely the best times to browse. I've personally found that the events placed in cooler months i.e October MCM, February Midlands MCM tend to be when people are most comfortable because you dont have the excessive heat, so it could be an idea to also look at doing a test run at one of these rather than jumping straight into a May Expo which is less forgiving on any of us.

07 Jun 2013 - 10:55103777
Ooooh it's been a week or so since I was on this forum. Life eh!

Well I only went to the October MCM con on the Saturday last year, and don't really have any realistic way of getting to the Midlands ones as I live on the South coast and don't drive. From what I remember about the October, it was still pretty hot once we got inside but not as sweltering as May. I would definitely be more inclined to go on the Sunday with the baby! I am not sure I would be comfortable with leaving him with family/friends/childcare for a weekend as he will only be 3 months old at that point. I don't really know much about parenting because I'm going to be new to the whole thing, but I have to learn what's best

24 Jun 2013 - 16:39104493
At that young of an age I think it would be a better option to go on a sunday or friday.. or leave them. Even in october! Some people can be really obnoxious and rude, I've been pushed around a few times in large crowds and some people definitely have a high screaming and shouting ability. I'm sure it would be horrible for the baby, since it gets me down.
Not saying all people at cons are like that, but just from my experience. I do love seeing young kids in pokemon cosplays though, I saw the most adorable chikorita the other year and she was just delightful!

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