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13 Feb 2009 - 12:5210728
Dream Cosplays~
things you would do if money / time / gravity / physics were no problem. P:

[some of these I may end up making, though XDD]

[artbook Ritsuka - Loveless] it's possible.

[The Millenium Earl - D.Gray-Man] so not happening, EVER XD

[Lelouch Emperor Version - Code Geass] also possible... =_=; his Magical Girl Lulu wand kind of worries me though, lol

I'm sure there are more [and I'm sure they were mostly girls XD] but I can't remember any >_<

EDIT: WAIT WAIT I REMEMBERED ONE... but it's still a guy... ahaha BD

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16 Feb 2009 - 12:2410805
Um, don't we already have a Dream Cosplay thread?

I mean correct me if you think yours is for a different reason, but otherwise this post should probably be over there.


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