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27 May 2013 - 16:38103105
Choosing and buying wigs - where do you shop?
Hi all

So I'm doing Vanellope from Wreck it Ralph in October.

I've got the hoodie the right colour, but I'm still looking into a wig. I'm vaguely aware of there being different hair types/cap types but I'm new to the business.

Where do you shop? And is there any way to say when shopping online 'That looks like a good wig'?

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29 May 2013 - 14:21103256
Coscraft all the way! I was buying wigs from the likes of ProfessionalOnly, Cog_Marc and CosplayWig on ebay previously which were fine but had to come from Hong Kong. Whereas Coscraft is UK based, has fab service, quick postage (and notify well in advance of when they're away etc) and have tutorials and blogs on their site for newbie wig-buyers too.


They really strive to take accurate pics of their wigs too. For Vanellope you'd want a clip on ponytail I think, so try this:


You can soak the clip-ins in hot water to make them less curly.

Or alternatively you can buy a long curly wig and cut it to make your own high ponytail:


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31 May 2013 - 19:52103391
i know many ppl that get theirs from:





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