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23 May 2013 - 02:36102966
N7 Fury
I tried asking for help over at cosplay.com, but it takes forever to get my posts approved, and even then no one replies. Hopefully i have better luck here.

I'm trying to make an N7 Fury cosplay, which is a character from mass effect 3's multiplayer.


Honestly I don't even know how to start with this. I know I need a grey bodysuit for the base, but what about the mask? And how can I quilt the additional parts of the costume onto the base? Are there any useful patterns I can use? Thanks.

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24 May 2013 - 01:25103003
Another question really is how good are your skills in different areas? Like I'm quite happy with my sewing but I really fail at armor construction so depending on your strengths will depend how you go about it so the way I'll answer it is how I would go about it but to be honest with cosplay there are as many ways to go about something as there clouds in the sky.

So yeah I would use some sort of catsuit/zentai suit as a pattern base. Kwik-Sew 3052 is the one that commonly pops up on cosplay sites. I used it for my plugsuit. It does need a little bit of working to get it to work right (I have a long body and legs but I think it's more for a person with a short body and longer legs :S) But the pattern itself will take you through how to do.

Fabric wise I would be tempted by some sort of Matt 4 way stretch vinyl. Unfortunatly this is my new favourite fabric at the moment. Treat it with respect and you can get some wonderful results. There are lots of horror stories with people using stretchy fabrics and them failing but have patience and it can be really useful. Something like this would be a good option.

Adding the detail with a grey or red in the same fabric. The metal looking edge that it has I would add with grey elastic or piping cord. I've found adding stretchy stuff to other stretchy stuff easier if I sew it on whilst wearing it or get a friend to sew it on for me.

Another option if you don't have anyone that can help is to make a duct tape dummy of yourself. You will need a friend to do this but I have two now and I find them really helpful!

The mask I would make out of a combination of foam sheets and paper machie. This is only because this is my go to technique when I'm not sure. Some people recommend using pepakura models and all sorts but I didn't get along with them too well when I tried - because I'm impatient probably

It's a bit of a broad question to give anything too specific. Really your just gonna have to jump in at the deep end a go for it - it is unfortunate but cosplay is more often than not trial by fire. Though I hope this is enough to get started. If you get part way through and get stuck people will still help answer any questions.

It's also worth checking out the rpf forum as they have so much more detail on stuff like this then I've put. They probably even have a how to build mass effect outfit threads.

Good Luck

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