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12 Feb 2009 - 17:5410669
Music for masquerade
Hey, I feel kinda bad about posting 'coz I normally wouldn't bother people about this, but I'm a bit stuck and with Midlands Expo creeping closer I thought I'd see if anyone here had some advice.

I'm cosplaying Dion Rogers version of Rinoa Heartilly at the Midlands Expo and decided rather impulsively to enter the masquerade however I'm having problems picking the music to use. And I'm stressing about it because it's the first time I've ever entered one. (Also I've never played FFVIII (which I feel bad about) so I don't know if there's a song specific to Rinoa :/)

So could anyone suggest some music for me which would be good to walk on and off too and be somewhat related to the character?


Curiosity killed the cat~
12 Feb 2009 - 18:2510670
www.bluelaguna.net (Or something like that> I'm at work right now, I'll double check the URL when I get home)

They have the entire soundtrakcs to a lot of games. FFVIII included.

Rinoa songs are can be... Waltz for the Moon
Eyes on Me
Love Grows
You could use a battle theme if you wanted...
Mhmm...the Timber Theme (I think there is one)

Yeah... there are a few to choose from.
I would personally go with Waltz for the Moon. A lot of people recognise it, and its a very upbeat tune.


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12 Feb 2009 - 18:2810671
Ooooooooo FF8 i've been playing it like mad atm.
The progress pictures look awesome.
Best of luck with the masq.
You could use eyes on me which is in the game, by Faye Wong.
Here's a link to the song if your not familiar with it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1iwe6JQAGI I don't know whether this is kinda what your looking for though, I hope this helps. ^_^


12 Feb 2009 - 20:1210673
I agree with Silver's choices. Liberi Fatali could work also which is the song played during the opening movie to the game.

Edit- there is a Timber theme "Timber Owls" =3


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12 Feb 2009 - 22:1010681
Thanks so much for the help guys hopefully I can make a choice tonight and send it in


Curiosity killed the cat~
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