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19 May 2013 - 21:31102785
Idris/TARDIS fabric search.. Please help!
Hey guys.

I've been following a tutorial for my TARDIS cosplay plan (see below)

But I am majorly struggling to locate "ruffle taffeta". I cannot seem to find anything of the sort outside of the UK. Is there another word for it here or do any of you know the best place to find this kind of stuff.

If not, does anyone have any advice to try and make your own ruffle taffeta?

Here's a reference! (It's the ruffle layers at the bottom of the skirt that I'm trying to find help with!)

Thanks SO much in advance

20 May 2013 - 18:19102832
Hi there, I'm new to this forum so I hope this reply works...

I would just buy some taffeta & make your own:

- cut it into strips of roughly the right width & sew together into one long piece
- overlock the edges
- this is a cunning trick to pleat... using a wide zig-zag on your machine sew about 1cm from one edge but stitch over a button thread without actually stitching into it (starting it off can be fiddly, it's best to figure 8 it around a pin & there should be a central groove on the foot of your sewing machine, use this to guide the button thread centrally under the zig zag)
- once you've done this all along the length of your fabric strip you can gather the fabric by holding one end & pulling the button thread.
- if you want the pleats quite flat as in your picture just get an iron & flatten them.


Hope this helps or indeed makes sense!

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