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18 May 2013 - 15:36102733
Phantom themed hair accessories needed
Hi all,

Just wondered if anyone knows of anyone who makes hair slides?

Have a vision in my head of the iconic chandelier from the theatre production of Phantom of the Opera make into an equisite hair slide to be worn in the hair at the back of my head - would be the ultimate accessory to complete my Christine Daae from Phantom cosplay too!

A pic:


Am also looking for a Phantom mask and Christine Daae Love Never Dies mask hair slides to be worn either side of the head.

Phantom mask:


Christine Daae Love Never Dies mask:


Kinda like this style but obviously shaped and painted to look like the respective masks:


Am guessing this could be made and moulded out of clay then painted and varnished and attached to a standard haair clip/bobby pin?

While I'm at it, Phantom and Christine mask hair bobbles ould be epic too!

Sadly I can't make things, I only imagine them and need the real creative geniuses and artists to bring my ideas to life - it doesn't help only having one hand and arm that works properly haha!

If anyone know of anyone with their own hair/jewellery online store or anyone at all that could make any of these ideas come to life by mid July please PM me ASAP or contact me on twitter on Welsh_Harls88 a I don't always see replies on here as no notifications seem to come up!

Thanks so much,

Sash x

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