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17 May 2013 - 22:16102697
Detangling a delicate wig

Can any wig-savvy people help me? My curly split wig is INSANELY frizzed and matted, despite me barely ever having worn it, and I was wondering how I can go about setting it back in order? Gentle teasing/combing pulls all the curls out!! T^T I don't think it's heat resistant so I wouldn't want to risk using curlers or anything to get it back in shape, either....would a simple wash work? I've not tried it yet because I'm just so scared I'm going to ruin my favourite fashion wig~! T__T

17 May 2013 - 22:46102700
I've never dealt with a curly wig (the only one close I've owned, I made more wavy once it arrived by straightening with hot water but that's a pain enough when it starts return a bit more like how it originally came), but I have heard from panels that it's difficult to remove tangles or frizz from curled wigs.
At least, if you want to keep the curls as they are.

BUT. With the joys of the internet I did find this tutorial on Arda wig's website; http://arda-wigs.com/blogs/tutorials/6375154-detangling-a-curly-wig

It likely will be time consuming though, but if that tutorial works for you I'm sure it'll be worth it.

I just hope the tutorial maybe will help you somewhat unless someone else has better experience and knowledge of curly wigs. C:

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20 May 2013 - 19:23102839
I work in theatre costuming so have had some experience with wigs & the best thing I've found with these type of wigs is to try & detangle each curl separately & carefully with a wide toothed, plastic comb at first then go smaller toothed comb if needed. If it's stubborn try Soft n Sheen Spray Conditioner from Banbury Postiche http://www.banburypostiche.co.uk/Soften_n_Sheen_Spray_Conditioner_(250ml)_163

You can use domestic use plastic heated rollers on a synthetic wig & they work quite well. Rule of thumb is if you can hold them without burning your fingers then they should be ok for the wig. Get long wig T-pins http://www.banburypostiche.co.uk/T-Pins_Nickel_Plate_2in_156
to stick the rollers into the polystyrene block rather than using the clips that you'd get with the rollers. They'll stay in better & won't pull on the weft of the wig.

Hope this helps

20 May 2013 - 22:58102848
Aah, you're both super helpful! Thankyou~ ^__^ I'll have a go with both methods.
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