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16 May 2013 - 17:03102628
AKB0048 cosplay group-Midlands expo 2014!!! <3
Hello All we have places still left for our AKB0048 group please take a look at the group page we made here:


This is out list so far!


So here's the list of characters: (Successors and understudies welcome) if you guys were happy to we could perform Heavy rotation on stage. that would be cool

If you also want to see my cosplay page its: www.facebook.com/chiyocharcosplay

Successors:-normal uniforms
Sayaka Akimoto - Fiona Shum
Sae Miyazawa - Bridie Lizette Ashwell
Minami Takahashi - ChiyoChar (me)
Yuuko Ooshima - Stephi AngelTear Brown
Atsuko Maeda - Lauren Hodkin
Tomomi Itano - Nikita Flaherty
Haruna Kojima - Jess Darch(maybe)
Mayu Watanabe - Kishi
Yuki Kashiwagi -Rebecca Rowlandson
Mariko shinoda-Katrisha Riae Espiritu

Understudies-blue s2 performance outfits (in the cover photo)
Suzuko Kanzaki -Nicola Humphries
Makoto Yokomizo
Sonata Shinono- Mollie Dwyer
Chieri Sono -
Kanata Shinonome -
Orine Aida - Jewels Vincenti
Nagisa Motomiya -
Yuuka Ichijou-

Love With Your Heart And Soul

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