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16 May 2013 - 01:04102603
MCM Crossplayers Meet
Hi guys and gals

So been talking about this for a while and we have now gathered enough interest to make this a meet now for any crossplayers both M2F & F2M

So as I have proposed this will be happening on the Sunday @ 11:00 AM @ MCM Expo

Idea is to meet at the statue for 11:00 and then move to the water front for a photo shoot done by the lovely Charlotte Taplin https://www.facebook.com/CosOgraphy

Proposed photo shoots currently are below but any suggestions are more than welcome

M2F Cosplayers
F2M Cosplayers
Separate Fandoms
Individuals (upon request)
Group Shot

If anyone's got any suggestions feel free to post them and invite as many as you can.

Normal Cosplayers welcome to join as well but if we can ask to respect others and be aware of what this meet is and only join photo shoot if relevant to what type of shot it is

Hope to see you all for what should be an eventful and memorable meet ^^

Let us know you're coming by clicking attending on the event page:


Luci H/ Calum <?

16 May 2013 - 08:06102605
Sunday? Aww maaaaan!

While I am crossplaying on Sunday, my Saturday costume is better (and my partner is crossplaying on Saturday too). I'll see what I can do though. It would be nice to meet others in the fraternity/sorority

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