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14 May 2013 - 22:11102540
Looking for someone to chat with...
Lately I've been feeling really bummed out. I have no cosplaying friends I can every meet, no gamers, no comic book nerds, no one into the same things as me. I'm just looking for someone to talk to regularly with similar interests, then hopefully one day we can meet up (hope I don't sound creepy?). Also, I wouldn't mind getting to know a few people before I go to MCM. I have a few friends I want to meet there (just riding up on the train with my father and perhaps one of my other friends if he can get the money) but I'd love to get to know some more.
My interests are mainly gaming things. I love all things bioware and bethesda, I'm an xboxaholic (my gamertag is oXMissKilljoyXo).... I also love comic books (Avengers, secret avengers, batman and deadpool are my favourites xD), and I've recently been getting into Manga and Anime.
AAAAANYWAY... just looking to start chatting with some people.

14 May 2013 - 22:35102541
You will find most people are friendly and up for a chat on here for my part anything Comics and Bethesda I am ALWAYS up for a chat about!

14 May 2013 - 23:34102542
Ill talk to anyone about anything

15 May 2013 - 02:08102543
Hey there

Like Captain Marvelous mentioned there are loads of people on here happy to chat (myself included) so get chatting on the boards and it won't take long

Myself I enjoy all fabric areas of cosplay but I kinda suck on Armour based stuff and props :S

I'm primarily a girl gamer with my favorite series's being old school FF, MGS and RE. I also really enjoy anime and manga with clamp being my favorite group but also enjoy a variety of other shoujo artists. Oh and everything Evangelion - that's another top one for me.

But feel free to PM. I'm currently living in Australia atm so time zones might get in the way of responses but will be heading back to the UK for Ayacon this year.

Hope you meet lots of cool people soon - everyone here is really wonderful

15 May 2013 - 02:41102544
On here you could just message anyone about their cosplays or anything and they will always give a friendly responce I'll be at mcm and wouldn't mind introducing you to some people. Also if you go on the MCM forums there is usually events about things going on by the grass area (if you've never been before and don't know where that is, it's outside the entrance and down the steps. pretty hard to miss) Theres always some sort of games going on and things like that


15 May 2013 - 05:03102547
Hello unfortunately I know what you mean - cosplay and geekery can be solitary hobbies at times, but luckily everyone here is very friendly.
Though I'm not really into comics (though the little bit of deadpool I've seen is fantastic) I'm a fan of video games, so always up for a natter about them. (As you're a Bethesda fan, do you think fallout or elder scrolls is better? )
Anyways, no-one around here will bite your head off for being friendly, so hopefully you'll make some new friends easily

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15 May 2013 - 07:37102549
Just to add to what everyone's saying, virtually everyone on here is friendly, kind, supportive of ideas and this is a great online community.

I myself sympathize with not feeling i have alot of friends with similar interests. I'm a big anime fan and don't know anyone (other than on here) that i can talk to. Anime wise I love cowboy bebop, serial experiments lain, ghost in the shell (movie), fooly cooly, gunsmith cats, armitage iii, dominion tank police and evangelion. I'm a little old school i'm afraid.

I'm not a big comic fan but i do still collect the new tank girl stuff. I'm a big hewlett fan. and i do love gunhed.

And i'm not a 'serious' gamer but i play whenver i get time. I play alot of mass effect, knights of the old republic (over and over), borderlands, fable. I'm also a sucker for anything tekken, doa or soul calibur (if i had to pic a fav it'd have to be tekken).

so yeah, we might not have tons in common but i, like most people on here, are happy to chat about anything.

i'm really hoping to make more events this year to meet people. i went mcm midlands this year and took a rucksack full of japanese sweets and goodies...but never really had the nerve to introduce myself to anyone or make friends...suffice to say me and my boyfriend ended up scoffing it all.so yeah, i'm basically saying i know its not always easy but you'll definately make friends here x

15 May 2013 - 08:21102552
I'm just here to echo what everyone else has been saying - Just message people who look interesting (and check the last log in date on their profile - if they haven't been on for more than six months, you might not get a reply )

Of course you can just post here on the forums too. Look at how many replies you have already

15 May 2013 - 09:37102554
You seem to like a lot of cool stuff so it shouldn't be too hard finding people to chat with I'm always up for chatting to anyone though.

I know the feel :/ Up until recently I had no cosplay friends until I managed to get a friend bitten by the cosplay bug.

15 May 2013 - 10:25102556
Wow! I wasn't expecting so many replies already.
I'll definitely have to start PMing some people and chatting on the forums more. You guys seem awesome. xD
I'm also glad I'm not the only one, hopefully I'll get to know some of you soon.
Thank you very, very much for replying! I'll check out all of your pages.^__^

15 May 2013 - 18:31102578
I'm also obsessed with Mass Effect. Like everyone I'm so invested in the characters. I made a cinematic miniseries (or a glorified playthrough) on the Youtubes. Given your username, check out this video I made.

15 May 2013 - 20:18102585
Quick question regarding your gamer tag... would that happen to be an MCR reference?
A good thing about this website is that you can keep an eye out on any groups that are forming and join in on group meets. It's a great way to get cool pictures of your costumes but also a good way to meet some really great people. Looks like you're doing a Mass Effect costume so I bet there's gonna be a big Mass Effect meet going on somewhen over the weekend.
Bethesda and Bioware make awesome games. Absolutely love the Fallout games. A friend of mine and I were thinking of doing a traveling merchant and ghoul from the games but we just haven't got around to it yet.

16 May 2013 - 10:02102606
Wow, you're like me, but one year behind! I remember being in your boat... Wait I still am. As for comics, I'm more of an early 2000AD man, and as for gaming; I prefer PC titles like Orcs Must Die, Killing Floor and Terraria. Anyway, like you I have little to no csoplay friends, and I would like to gain some


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16 May 2013 - 22:31102641
@Mr Sue Denim - Your link doesn't work. If you give me your channel name, I'd love to check out your stuff! ^__^

@cobranose - In fact, it would be! I was so gutted when they split up, I was on the verge of tears. )X Yeah, someone sent me the link to a ME meet up page. It looks great!^__^
Ahah, I'd love to see it if you did. That is an awesome idea.xD

@brickyphone - Ahah.xD I'd love to play those PC games, but my laptop is so useless, and I can't afford to replace it at the minute. Everything I play is on xbox, but hopefully I can build up a half decent computer soon. I hope, soon enough, we'll both have plenty more friends into geekery and awesome nerdy things.^_^

16 May 2013 - 23:07102645
It's a shame they split seeing they were halfway through MCR5. That said, did you hear the conventional weapons stuff? I can't believe they scrapped those songs! I'd be half tempted to do a Killjoy costume some time. On the brightside, if they aren't doing music we may see more of Gerards comics.
I'll have to let you know if we ever do the fallout thing, I mentioned it to my friend earlier and he said he still has the bottle caps he collected for it. Hint, Newcastle Brown actually has blue star bottle caps.

17 May 2013 - 01:04102646
*pokes head in*

Add me to the list of gamer-types! Bethesda and Bioware have quite a lot of good stuff between them - even with certain occurrences taken into account - and, while I'm not really known for an interest in comics, I do dabble in manga/anime from time to time. I'm sure the MCM will inspire me to buy at least one thing relating to it.

Seeing as this'll be my first time Expo-ing and cosplaying, I'm sort of in the same boat with the whole "not knowing anybody" thing. Hopefully, that'll all change! All I have to do is focus for long enough to get my pesky prop done!

17 May 2013 - 06:35102650
Quote ScientistSalarian:

@brickyphone - Ahah.xD I'd love to play those PC games, but my laptop is so useless, and I can't afford to replace it at the minute. Everything I play is on xbox, but hopefully I can build up a half decent computer soon. I hope, soon enough, we'll both have plenty more friends into geekery and awesome nerdy things.^_^

Trust me, you don't need a good computer to run them. I play them all on my laptop which is properly broken. So much so it doesn't recognize the colour blue


Can ya guess the theme yet?
17 May 2013 - 08:02102652
I'm in exactly the same boat as you.

Being very new to cosplay & MCM being my first expo I'm slightly nervous but very excited too.

Doing a very simple cosplay as Kraft Lawrence from Spice & Wolf so please say 'hi' at the show.

I have to say you have great choice in music and games! Love MCR & Fallout 3 is one of my favourite games. Liam Neeson as the Dad was a great choice for the game!

17 May 2013 - 21:34102692
To start off and for a way for others to gain more cosplay buddies; does anyone have skype?


Can ya guess the theme yet?
04 Jun 2013 - 20:41103609
Hey There!
I'm Mistress! or The Devine One!

I know how you feel, Same here! Lets chat sometime
It's always awkward not knowing how to start chats and make friends when new to sites! Lol!

You can also send private messages to people, maybe commenting on there cosplays or interests can help you make new friends ? ~

- Mistress
The Devine One

Be proud of who you are! Embrace it honeybees!
13 Jun 2013 - 14:09104004
I've just moved 100 miles from my hometown to London and have been severely missing out on meeting new people, especially since cosplay fans disappear into the woodwork outside of cons! PM around and start chats and have fun with whatever! I know that that's what I'm going to start doing on here (:

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