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12 May 2013 - 15:06102420
FOR SALE: Kuroko no Basuke cosplay
Hi there ^^;

As this is my first time selling on here, please PM me should you want to look at my eBay feedback.

My Kuroko Teiko Uniform (from Kuroko no Basuke.) is up for grabs!
This comes in a size "S" , which is meant to fit height 150-160 cm.
In terms of women's dress sizes, I would say this would best fit a size 6-8 (possible even a small 10?)
The shorts are elasticated so there is a bit of stretch to them, but I'd still say they're on the smaller side. I am a size 8 and it fitted me fine. Due to the baggyish style and the elastic, I can't say for certain if it will definitely fit any larger. I can take stretched measurements of the shorts if need be, just ask!

It has been worn only once and has been thoroughly washed and tumble-dried. There are no tears/holes, stains or any signs of fading from what I can see, so it is "as new" condition!

Here is a photo taken when I first received it.

I shall be taking photos of the back and separate photos of the shorts later this week and shall update here.

The price I'm looking for is around £18 but I am willing to negotiate.
Postage will depend on how fast you want it, but it will be sent by Royal Mail for whichever option you'd like. Since it's fairly light, I'd say to allow up to £3 for standard 2nd or 1st class untracked postage as a very rough guess, but I will find out for certain after you decide which postage option you'd like!
The next event I'm attending will be Manchester Expo, so I won't be able to hand it to you in person unless you can wait til then!
If you require a wig for Kuroko, I do have one I can part with, it was cu to fit my smallish face so I'm not too sure about it but I can offer it for sale if you need one.

I will soon be selling manga, magazines/posters and a few other books as well, I shall update here.

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