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12 May 2013 - 01:04102394
Phantom of the Opera Cosplay Group

OK this is probably gonna sound really random and you'll probably be all like what te Heck but bear with me.

I'm a huge Phantom of the Opera Phan an adore everything about it ever since a friend introduced me to it's splendor and gothic perfection back late last Summer/Early Autumn.

The costumes are gorgeous so I figured there is plenty of scope and great choice to cosplay as POTO characters!

I got a Christine Daae Hannible slave girl costume and iconic dressing gown commissioned for a con and to enter a masquerade with a friend - what she wears in the lair, during Music of the Night etc, see my costumes for details!

Said friend never showed up so have never worn the costume and it's far too beautiful to be just sitting there in my POTO UK tour tote bag!

I thought bout selling it but so much effort went into it, it's to die for and I really want to wear it but have no Phantom to wear it with and then it hit me!

There are MILLIONS of Phans out there and I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to cosplay from it soooo would anyone be interested in joining a Phantom of the Opera cosplay group?

I'm still new to all this eventhough I've cosplayed a few times so apologies if I'm doing anything incorrectly here but all I'm trying to do is see if there are any other Phans out there who would like to cosplay from one of the greatest musicals of all time, hang out, met up, go to cons, expos, performances, Phantom related events etc and share their passion with those who feel the same way.

Of course you don't have to dress up if you just want to hang or whatever and no one would be frowned upon for turning up in stage version costumes, movie version, original creations, novel adaptations, Love Never Dies etc

I'm just tired of not being able to fully be myself and hoping there's some people out there just crazy enough to like this idea - plus I just really want to wear my dress and get to pose in lots of awesome group photos with lots of different characters and costume interpretations - especially with the Phantom, though the Music of the Night stance may be tricky in my motorised wheelchair but I'm sure we could make it work and look awesome!

Thanks all,


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