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11 May 2013 - 21:06102387
Cosplay Dreams And Nightmares
So who has a had a dream or nightmare about cosplay? I had a doozy of a nightmare a few nights ago.
I was at a con in cosplay (although I have no clue what my cosplay was) and I was being interviewed for a Youtube Video. At first the questions where normal (who are you cosplaying?,how did you make the costume? etc) but then the interviewer asked my age. I told him I was 32 and he freaked out. He started calling me a creeper and claimed I was only cosplaying to get close to young kids. It got so bad he wound up calling security and they kicked me out of the con.
After that nightmare it took a full day before I felt ok about being a mature cosplayer and I damn near quit working on my current project.
So how many of us have had dreams or nightmares about cosplay?

11 May 2013 - 21:28102390
I've had a few, usually they're just anxiety related pre con ones. They usually involve me forgeting things or turning up on the wrong day/place. I usually have to either check or make a list when I wake up just to put me at ease.
In fact I wish I'd had one before the last con I went too as I managed to forget half of it and not put on bits I did have with me!
And just to put your mind at rest, I'm 30 and I dont intend on stopping cosplaying any time soon! There are plenty of people out there doing this that are far older too. Age really shouldn't be a barrier.

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