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07 May 2013 - 21:07102173
Requested: NCR Ranger Combat Armour - Elite Riot Gear
I am currently looking to commission somebody to make a full set of the NCR Ranger Combat armour from the popular video game Fallout: New Vegas. Specifically, the Elite Riot Gear variant.

I would like the costume to have a bit of weight to it, and feel sturdy. I'd prefer it if as little plastic was used as possible. The more real it is, the better. However, I would still prefer it to remain true to its original style.

I would also like the costume to contain everything. From boots to gloves. From helmet to duster. If possible, I would like it to also feel as real as possible and be as detailed as it can be to the original. Things such as small scratches, text written onto parts of it etc.

I am currently residing in the UK, but would be happy to handle the shipping costs. If anyone is interested in attempting to make this outfit for me, please contact me either via private message here, or at

I will provide more specific details regarding the size I wish it to be once I get a response.

References: A lot of references can be found on the wiki http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Elite_Riot_Gear

Note: More references and details will be supplied once someone has shown interest. And even more specific references, such as in-game views of it, will also be provided where needed.

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