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07 May 2013 - 10:09102139
Lace-front wig advice!
So I'm looking into buying my very first lace-front wig for a new cosplay, and I could do with a little help from someone more experienced than me!

The wig I have my eye on is very definitely made for someone with a darker skin tone than me, therefore the lace is brown-ish rather than beige-ish. Is it possible to blend it in with my foundation or something, or is it going to horribly affect the look of the wig?

Any advice would be much appreciated

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07 May 2013 - 17:38102152
A friend was advising me that you can use liquid latex over lace front wigs, but I've not tried using that technique myself. I've found that make up does very little to disguise darker lace myself. >__< I hope that someone else has more answers for you! ^^;

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