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06 May 2013 - 08:48102099
Harley Quinn price quotes needed ASAP please for Manchester MCM Expo
Hi all,

I really want a new Harley costume but my own interpretation of it to wear to Manchester comic con in July but also for Hallowe'en and future cons.

The idea I have is a vampire Harley Quinn but I have an image in my head and am not sure how to make it come to life.

I don't want it to look slapdash or cheap fancy dress sort of thing you know? I want people to clearly see it's Harley but she has been bitten and is now a vampire you know?

What I was thinking was a cape dress with a lace up bodice following the red and black alternating colours with diamonds with possibly full sleeves and elegant skirt, gauntless/gloves similar to the Harley Quinn's revenge style perhaps.

I like the idea of discreet black and red diamond hair slides and bobbles, elegant hold up tights with diamonds on them, 1 being red and 1 being black and same for the shoes.

I want to modify the eye mask somehow but not sure how.

I want it to look elegant and pretty, possibly incorporating diamonds into it but also toying with the idea of a half face mask like phantom of the opera - disguising the fact half her face is ruined from the Joker trying to give her a permanent smile but she managed to get away in time only for her to damage half her face.

Her signature diamonds in a ring, perhaps like the type Lestat used to pierce veins and feed from his victims in interview with the vampire would be a lovely touch as would be some sort of choker/necklace and I'd need a prop/weapon too I think.

Here's a ref pic for Lestat's thumb feeding ring:


This is the inspiration I had for possible style of the dress:


I wouldn't want the back to be slit open like this though.

Basically I want to incorporate my 2 biggest loves, Harley and vampires but want it to be elegant, subtle and quietly sexy but still instantly recognisable as Harley and not cheap or tarty looking type thing because that's not my thing.

If you have twitter, please feel free to follow me on Welsh_Harls88

Do you think my vamp Harls idea is possible? I know I've mentioned a bunch of extras and accessories too but the main costume is my top priority.

Could you give me a full price quote please to include everything but also another for each individual element please?

If anyone is free and up to the challenge please PM me or contact me on twitter @Welsh_Harls

Thanks so much and look forwards to hearing from you soon,

Sash x

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