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05 May 2013 - 11:53102051
Photographer here
Hi people!

Im an amateur photographer enthusiast, just looking into the cosplay scene. I've done portraits, landscapes, derelict buildings and night photography, and now looking cosplay photography. I love how detailed/colourful the costumes are, not to mention the time and probably cost it must take you guys to put together! Simply amazing.

I don't cosplay myself, but i do have friends who do and they have never had a 1 to 1 photo session before, so thats where i kind of stepped in and they loved it. Due to do a "little sister" bioshock photoshoot at sea life Birmingham soon.

I'm not restricted to just taking photos, i have all the post editing software and skills too at my disposal as i'm a full time graphics designer.

If you want a free photo session and you live near Northampton (say @20miles), drop me a line. I don't mind travelling as i drive, if you have a backdrop in mind and an awesome costume.

ermm...got more to say, but i'll just end up rambling lol, so i'm going to stop right there!!


DeviantART: http://paper-cube.deviantart.com/

Feel free to add to watch.
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