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03 May 2013 - 13:16101989
Cosplays (kinda)! And cosplay wigs
I have a tonne of cosplay wigs for sale but I will progressively add these as some require pictures and I'm being lazy!

So let's just get started with the already listed stuff on ebay!

**Please note all picture shown on the listings are of the exact store bought item. If you require further shots of the 'real' items just pm me and I'd be happy to send you some! Also, feel free to barter with me, I'm willing to be lenient on most asking prices!**

Orihime Bleach cosplay (Espada)

Bought it...never wore it! (Ended up changing my mind!) Item is in perfect condition and a UK size 12 though would easily fit a size 14 as well.


Pocahontas Fancy Dress

Never worn!Includes dress, belt, necklace and all the bits and bobs!
Not gonna lie, it's a fancy dress quality type of outfit so the quality is not outstanding. However I can quite honestly say that it is one of the better/nicer ones available and other than the fact it's a little short (I wouldn't suggest this if you are over 5'7) It's quite a cute little piece, loyal to the Disney design.


28 inch straight black wig

Again, this has never been worn! It is a very silky, thick and high quality wig and I'm honestly disappointed that I can't think of any upcoming cosplays I'd want to use it for myself!


Curly Aqua Green wig

Only worn once, for a few hours. Has been washed (with wig care products) and pampered since then so still in very good condition.

Would be perfect for a Sailor Neptune or even Neliel TU cosplay IMO.


Thank you for looking and happy buying! Keep an eye out for updates as I have many many more wigs to come!


{{ I'm not afraid }}
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