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02 May 2013 - 21:55101965
[WTB] Short/Medium Orange Wig. (FOUND)
Probably won't get any where with this but it's worth a shot. I'm looking for a Short orange wig for Kyo Sohma. I'm searching for one for May Expo at the end of the month. Short or medium(ish) wig as i can cut and style. If you're willing to sell one let me know! I'd order off Ebay but i'm afraid that it might not show up on time. I've been sick so i haven't had time to search on ebay as soon as i wanted too.

Anyways if you have one for sale, that's great name a price. (':
Thanks for your time!

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02 May 2013 - 23:00101970
I highly recommend "COSCRAFT" for last minute cosplay wigs...they r located in the UK ! so delivery is really fast...I usually get wigs from them in only 1-2 days ;DD
So yeah~
I'd say they r a little bit expensive but you GET the quality so the price is...perfectly fine I'd say...and you don't need to wait like 3 weeks+++ for it XD°

well..I had a look into it...
you could get this one for example:


the prob is that it's really long. but since all them wigs r around 20 pounds...you would have to cut it really short then XD but well~ ♥

they r heat resisting u can use ur ;D hair straightener on them ♥ *RANDOMLOLRANDOM*

really good stuff <3
the other option would probably be to get a short blonde /white one and dye it yourself...but that might be even more monnehy at the end....



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03 May 2013 - 22:48102012
Looked on Coscraft and the ones that i wanted are out of stock! Just my luck D: Ah well. If i can't find anything i'll have to leave it to one side. Thanks anyways!

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05 May 2013 - 15:23102056
I actually have an extra one of these wigs, if you're interested. Its maybe a bit dark but I can take extra photos. c: It has a slight kink in it from the way it was packaged, though.

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05 May 2013 - 16:20102058
Sounds great! I've pm'd you!

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