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01 May 2013 - 18:26101911
The meeting for people who want to meet people
(Edited for being over dramatic)
Are you looking at the list of meets for the Expo and thinking "None of these are really for me" Yet you think the best part of the Expo is meeting interesting new people who share hobbies? Well, I propose an answer. A mere meet where you go to find similar people who also didn't like the look of any of the meets. Simple as that. If enough interest is shown then I'll organize it all
(There we go, not too dramatic now, is it)


Can ya guess the theme yet?

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02 May 2013 - 21:15101967
Quote brickyphone:
The lonely goers club, the meeting for people who want to meet people, the most casual meeting ever: all ways to describe what I am proposing.
Here's the back story. I've been to the expo twice and thoroughly enjoyed it twice. But I feel like there's more to see and I'm missing out on an even better experience. One of things I feel I'm lacking is the people. There are hundreds of people there and in my short time going, I have got to known very few. And this I'd like to change...
Back story over, I'd like to think that there are more like me who wanna meet the wonderful people who attend, but don't get the chance because they're too shy to talk to people or other reasons like that. So this meet has a need! It is needed by all those who wimp where they don't want to! To give the wimps a chance to get to know each other!
Anyway, excuse the emotional speech at the end, the point is to have a meet of no particular genera so people can meet some new friends. God knows how this will be organised, but if people show interest then I'll try my best. If you read all this, good job. Mün

You're such a lucky little nugget because I'm responding to this first! Out of everyone here, it was me.

You'll understand why after you finish reading this.

Now Jimmy, you'll have to understand a few things. The first being that there are two things that we need to be aware of; Time and Effort. It takes time and substantially more effort should you wish to achieve anything of any value.

You write with a hint of "do this for me" which doesn't wash with this community of individuals who work so hard on what they do. There is also a sharp cry implying there are weak people who revel in being shy and without strength. You demand and insult, well done.

However you are young and inexperienced, at 16 you're not the first to try and run before you can stand. You should have seen the response when someone your age said they hated Mathematics and didn't know why they were studying it at school.

Most of us start out shy, but we build connections and forge friendships. It's not easy but Time and Effort, those are your allies. Little steps and think about what you say.

For more info and to get torn a new one, click the link in my signature and get educated as I got bored halfway through writing this because masterchef was on Tv.

Edit: Though if you wish for assistance in rapid network expansion, you'll need the big guns and that's my forté; bringing people together. Either go big or go home.

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02 May 2013 - 21:59101969
I think that an ice-breaker meet-up for the Expo would be a great idea. I know that there have been a fair few people who have found themselves in the same situation and it's also something that people have started to attempt to arrange at some of the anime conventions too, so I do believe that it would be something that a number of people would benefit from. I do have my little group of Expo buddies that I go along with but I'm always happy to meet new people ^^


02 May 2013 - 23:01101973
I approve of people getting together to meet more people, the idea of a congregation of cosplayers is awesome :o

I would sure tag along if I can make the meet =)

Back story or no back story, master chef or nuggets or shy people or the kid who dislikes maths, heck even grandparents.

I sense a bit of drama but lets focus on giving each other high fives noh? XD

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03 May 2013 - 05:51101979
Okay, I see that I went a bit over dramatic, but the point is there. Sorry about that


Can ya guess the theme yet?
03 May 2013 - 19:41102002
Hahaha! I just gave you a huge advantage and you missed it ;D

Expos, Conventions, meet ups and get togethers; there are certain people who arrange stuff like this. But I applaud you for retreating into your shell and dismissing the opportunity offered.

Doing things the hard way will get you results that you earned and forged yourself, which is something I respect.

05 May 2013 - 23:24102087
I like the idea of this meet up I just like people

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