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01 May 2013 - 14:17101900
Resin Casting
I seem to having a massive dilemma with resin casting at the moment!
I'm cosplaying Super Sailor Moon for May MCM and I was originally going to commission all of her accessories. However due to all the shops I've contacted not getting back to me I've found myself really close to the deadline without her Odango shields or brooch.

I planned to make the odango shield's and plain heart brooches as I did find silicone molds which match the designs, however I haven't a clue how to resin cast!

In regards to resin I've just no idea what's best to use/what I'm looking at and as it's so close to the convention I haven't really got the time to experiment with different techniques.

Is there any decently priced resin anyone could suggest? I'm starting to really panic now so any advice would be majorly appreciated!


04 May 2013 - 23:17102040
I'd suggest either EasyCast clear resin or Gedeo Crystal resin from Metal Clay. I've used EasyCast before and found it really simple for my first go but I've heard Crystal resin is great too - I believe they work pretty much the same, mixing 50/50 resin and hardener, nice and straight-forward (edit: eep! apprently not, but that's definitely how EasyCast works). You can get all the extras like mixing cups from Metal Clay too and shipping is only £2 (or free if you spend over £30).

I don't know if you've looked into colouring your resin, but UV Resin has worked well with EasyCast for me, though you'd need to do a few testers to find the right colour (you only need a drop or two). But you can coat the back of the resin in nail varnish instead of colouring it to get a more precise colour. c:

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05 May 2013 - 01:42102042
Gedeo is indeed good (I've not used easy cast personally). The Gedeo mix is 2 3rds resin and 1 3rd hardener, though it says this on the box. It's easiest to measure with syringes for accuracy, but you should get the right mix just pouring it into a measuring cup. For colouring you can use proper clear resin colour or most syrup-based food dyes for a translucent colour, or acrylic paint for an opaque colour. Mix it all together gently before an after addin the dye, so it all turns an even colour but so you don't get bubbles. Then just pour it into the mould. If you did get bubbles, wait a few minutes and they should rise to the top letting you scoop them off gently. If you need multiples from the same mould you can usually carefully remove the mould after 20-24 hours and let it cure outside the mould on a flat surface. Just be sure to remember how much colour ant you used if you need to make the same colou things in the or more batches. Best of luck

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