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09 Feb 2009 - 16:4510588
Wigs for the larger headed...
Okay. So Christian has a costume that we're going to do soon which involves him wearing a wig. Now I wear wigs constantly, so I know all the advice about getting them on- pins, wig cap, wetting hair down, plating it, ect.

But we can't get a wig on his head.

Christian has MASSIVE hair. I mean massive Tina-Turner-afro-down-to-back-could-make-vegeta's-hair-without-wig kind of hair.

Does anyone have any advice for what to do in this situation? Cutting it isn't an option because it will take away part of Christian's soul, and we've tried pretty much everything. I would appreciate any advice people have to offer.


09 Feb 2009 - 17:0610589
I have a naturally big head so I know how he feels. First off before buying the wig I check to see what size head it fits (this means most of the time I can't buy wigs I want)
Then I tie all my hair to my head. I wet my hair first of all and french plait it to my head (and I gel or clip loose bits) and clip the long bits up onto my head (I have long curly/frizzy hair) then I can JUST get the wig on. I need to get a wig cap to help me.
I hope this helps in some way :S Sorry I'm still abit of a wig noob >.<

09 Feb 2009 - 17:4610590
Looking at your harry potter costume- Christian's hair is like 3x the size of yours. When it's fully down the sides expand to the width of 3 of his head. For example:


The O representing christians head, and the slashes representing his hair. One |\ is the same width of his head.

(heh, I'm totally going to show him this topic later.)


09 Feb 2009 - 20:2810594
Haha awww this poor guy. Sorry I wasn't much help then >.<

I hope your able to sort out the problem soon though

09 Feb 2009 - 21:2110595
Ok, I’m going to assume flattening his hair more isn’t possible!

I’d suggest getting a cheap party wig to experiment with, and you can try hacking it up as much as you like! All my suggestions here are entirely theory, so no idea how useful they are.

Firstly, I'd say try cutting slits in the wig mesh to make it expand more. Simple, and won't affect the wig much.

Alternatively, or additionally, cuts into the edges should give it a larger circumference. If necessary, you could make a long cut into the edge, then sew in a new triangular piece of fabric making it flare out wider at the edge. If it’s not a big chunk of fabric, it may not even need covered up with wefts. After thoroughly destroying the edge of the wig, when it’s big enough to fit, you could sew a new strip of elastic round the edge to make it grip again.

Other kinds of extension could work out too if you’re happy to sew in fabric and wefts, maybe lengthening the back of the wig. Not ideal if you’re having to match and buy wefts though. It’s not always going to be affordable, but buying two wigs, and chopping up one to extend the other should be a good bet.

09 Feb 2009 - 23:1710603
oopse miss read

i thought it said wigs for the Larger headed

sorry i cant help ya lol

22 Feb 2009 - 16:3310994
Just dropping in to say I really kind of want to see Christian's hair now. >.>

22 Feb 2009 - 17:5410999
When Christian is Explosivo Joe he'll be having his hair down. It's going to make the costume. So look out for pictures of it then.


22 Feb 2009 - 18:0011000
I'm not sure if this is a too obvious thing, but wigs are made in different sizes. My friend has afro hair and we had this problem also. He only needed a black wig so we went to different wig shops and tried on (you have to pay for a wigcap in each shop, unfortunately!) lots of different wigs until we found one that fit well, then styled it (completely differently argh) for the character!

So maybe something like that would be a good bet? Obviously it does depend on what kind of wig you need!! I hope that was some help in some way haha!

22 Feb 2009 - 18:2011002
miiol, didn't we once speak of swimming caps?

Maybe Christian could try getting a swimming cap? It might be very difficult and require the help of 10 pairs of hands but they do stretch a bit and obviously once you've got his hair into a swim cap his hair will stay there and he could be whoever he desires!!!

I'm not anti-social, I just appreciate silence
24 Feb 2009 - 21:1211098
I agree with looking for different sized wigs. I bought a wig I really liked but it's massive and doesn't fit right ^^;; and some wig's have little tabs for adjusting.
Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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