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08 Feb 2009 - 17:4010558
Zuko topknot
What is the best type of wig I should get, and how do I do a topknot to get the wig like it is in the picture below?

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08 Feb 2009 - 20:3610570
For high stuff like that the thicker the better. Because you're going against the way the weft has been sewn in you can get a lot of gaps with thinner wigs. I'd be looking at cosworx for that kind of thing.
Avoid wigs with skin tops or partings as that's going to make it more difficult to go against. Layered stuff too as the bottom is going to be too thin to get good coverage.
You might get lucky with ebay, I use zhenna for the yoko wigs I do and it works but I think any higher may cause problems so if you can afford cosworx go with them.
As for how to do it I find it's helpful to have someone hold the head for you. Make sure it's pinned on properly or you're going to lose it.
Work the hair into a ponytail first so the head is face straight up. I've found it can be difficult to just tip it straight up so working the tail from the bottom up is a lot easier.
Gradually brush the tail up towards the top of the head, making sure you're paying attention to the front as well as the back. Have your helper tip the head as you move so eventually it's upside down and you've got the tail to the top of the head. Then just tie it up and your top knot is done.

09 Feb 2009 - 10:1210578
If you feel like punishing yourself, you could get two wigs; cut the back off and sew the two fronts together so the front of the second wig is at your neck pointing upwards. It would be really thick and brush the right way to start with.

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