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27 Apr 2013 - 05:05101619
Dax79 saying Hello!
I'm a lone Cosplayed in the Channel Islands... Anyone else out here? Hello???

I'm known on youtube and google for my Silent Hill Pyramid Head Cosplays. I'm building my 3rd Helmet at the moment and will be posting my progress on this cool site that I have just found/joined!

I always want feedback and always have a costume on the way (Also building a Dead space Cosplay then starting my Big Daddy)

Anyway... Hi and come say hello!


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27 Apr 2013 - 15:11101633
Hello and welcome to Cosplay Island!

Your Pyramid Head helmet is looking great so far, I look forward to seeing more as it progresses. Isaac and Big Daddy are both awesome too, I'd love to see those when you get started on them. You have great choices on costumes in general! I'd like to know more about how you go about crafting your armour! It looks top notch.

27 Apr 2013 - 19:03101640
Costumes and Crafts
This is my 3rd PH helmet so I'm getting better at the build! I will post more on my V3 as I get closer to the finished product. I will also be posting a video on youtube (User Dax79)

I have started my Isaac but its still in its 'blueprint stage' I have started the helmet and MAN its fiddly LOL!

I have been working on the 'Blueprint' of my Big daddy for some time. I think I will have it underway around November/Jan 2014.

I use card and cardboard to build. Then I use fiberglass resin to strengthen after that I add the art and then use polyurethane spray to give a shine and help with the UK weather LOL

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