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26 Sep 2011 - 22:3870911
Quote CrystalNeko:

As to why people are venting in a cosplay forum. Who knows? Maybe it's where nobody close by knows who they are so they feel some sort of confidentiality in venting here and don't have to worry about getting picked on about it IRL.

Confidentiality? On a publically accessable forum? One that you doesn't require you to join to surf the forums? Errr right.

Quote CrystalNeko:
Or maybe they just feel like this is their closest knit community. I don't know the reasoning, but if you don't want to hear about it, then just skip the post.

As people have said, it's general discussion. They can chat about whatever they want.

General discussion or not, there is a line. Ranting/boasting about how many times you've tried to kill yourself; would be agreed by most people to have crossed it.

As for the "Oh this thread is 60 pages therefore it must be ok crowd", this thread needed moderating/deleting long long ago. You shouldn't take this moderator oversight as some sort of endorsement.

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26 Sep 2011 - 23:0570916
Quote Mungojerrie:

If it really bugs you that much, go and make a thread about 'Cosplay that makes you unhappy'.

But there's already a thread for that. THIS is the thread for that.

Quote Mungojerrie:
put yourself in her shoes

If I were going to kill myself, I'd go and do it, not tell everyone on a public forum hoping they'll pay attention to me.

Quote Mungojerrie:
The thread was started in 2009, and I'm pretty sure you would have at least checked back at least once in those two years and had a chance to set everything straight.

Actually no. Except for when I've posted myself, which in this thread was ages ago, I haven't been in. Sorry to er... Dissapoint?

26 Sep 2011 - 23:0770917

Children, the lot of you. I've seen things posted in this thread that I thought were overly personal, but it's down to the individual what they post on the internet and as far as I'm concerned, I'm not here to police people's feelings.

I am here to look after forum etiquette however, and this has gone far beyond a joke.

The original poster has now stated the intent of this thread. It is to go with negative things REGARDING COSPLAY.

That is what the original intent was, that is what it shall be from now onwards. I personally thought that it was a fine thread before the recent events but clearly even the original posters did not agree.

This whole thing is ridiculous, petty squabblings that I expect to end NOW. Anything further posted about non-cosplay related things will mean the locking of this thread.

CosplayIsland Staff Member

26 Sep 2011 - 23:2470920
I for one welcome our new moderator overlords!

Soooo...that awkward moment when you find the spray paint you've been using on a gas mask of all things is "Known to the State of Calafornia as a carconegenic chemical".

Hmmm, bestest £15 evar!!

26 Sep 2011 - 23:4170923
Content locked
Hey all, while we don't censor a lot of topics in the general discussion section as we prefer conversation to flow, we are legally obliged to report any posts concerning suicide risks to the correct authorities.

As Sean mentions above, I don't believe with the current discussions that this thread is anywhere near it's original intentions, nor do I see it being used properly after this. As such I'm closing this thread.

Feel free to create new topics if you wish, but please heed the above warning concerning serious personal issues on a public forum.

27 Sep 2011 - 08:1770932
And as an extra in case anything like this shows up in the future, please remember that unlike livejournal or facebook (to an extent) this forum is not private.

People who are not members of CosplayIsland can access the forums and read these threads so be very careful what you are posting.

CosplayIsland Staff Member

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