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19 Apr 2013 - 23:03101281
Hakuei Ren Cosplay help
Okay Hakuei Ren from Magi is gonna be my project over the summer. I hope to make it rather than buy it.

However I'm not sure if my idea would work first of all. I'm thinking of getting/using a silk or satain dressing gown and building upon it. I'm not sure what Materials are best to use either so a little guidance would be so helpful.

So thats the cosplay costume it's self that I need help with but I also can't find anywhere that sells a wig for her. Okay I've only been looking for a day but I'm already struggling so suggestions on where to get a wig I can use for her would be a great help.

Here is a couple of Ref pics so you all know what she looks like



I hope this links work if not I'll try find other pics to use

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