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06 Feb 2009 - 21:0310500
mech suit
hi i was just wondering if anyone knows a few good sites on how to construct a mech suit/gundam suit as id love to learn a bit about it in case i ever feel brave enougth to attempt one in the future.

id love to have a go but its knowing where to start and price range of materiels.

07 Feb 2009 - 01:5710513
im not sure of any sites, i would like to make a cosplay of The Lancelot or Gawain from code geass. im not sure how to go about it but i was planning on cutting out pieces of foam, heating them and bending them into shape, gluing them and covering in vinyl or plastic. i hope this helps (i doubt it will lol) and good luck

07 Feb 2009 - 02:2010514
nah its good advice im not really sure where id start, so its good to get any suggestions. it will be trail and error thing but if i get quite a few ideas i can test them out in the future and see what works. good luck with yours too ^^

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07 Feb 2009 - 16:1610525
I read somewhere an excellent tutorial on making armour suits out of foam board pics explanations everything - I just can't remember where i saw it..darn!!

Hopefully someone else knows what I am talking about and can provide a link.

07 Feb 2009 - 18:3910527
I too would like to know if there was a guide for mech suits. I have always wanted to do Justice from Guilty Gear and Lazengann or Chouginga Gurren Lagann from TTGL.

07 Feb 2009 - 20:5910534
well i have found this persons site people have talked about on coplay.com which seems quite intresting


07 Feb 2009 - 21:0610535
Here you go:


Katsu no wa Hyotei~♥
07 Feb 2009 - 21:1410536
ahh cool thankd odd-one-out looks like a pretty cool site

12 Feb 2009 - 11:2810638
Quote Ranma1-2:
I read somewhere an excellent tutorial on making armour suits out of foam board pics explanations everything - I just can't remember where i saw it..darn!!

Aha! ..found the tutorial again...


This foam board method looks really interesting.

27 Feb 2009 - 12:3511186
Those are all great tutorials!

My basica materials list for armoury items is:
Strong cardboard
Comic book backing card (you know that thin white stuff?)
Plastic-card (available from model shops)
Paper Clay (a papier mache blend that is sandable and can create any shape from but is a pain to wait for it to dry and it needs a lot of work done!)
Craft Foam (a lot of it is heat set- heat with a heat gun or a hot hair dryer and then mould and cool in the shape you need)
Upholstery foam and other spongy foams (for putting on the inside for comfort)
Wonderflex (Hard for me to get hold of though ><
Polymer Clay (for small bakeable details)
And many different wire to keep the things in place.

Unfortunately I don't have any examples of my armour-type work up (my Zelda armour was really quite shabby as the paint job was quite rushed), but come 2010 I will XD Oh the shame...

xx Tetra xx
27 Feb 2009 - 20:5611199
you could try pepakura which is like paper craft... you should ask Ikkaku-kun as he knows more about it, he's making his MKIII that way check it out


im sure he could tell you a basic idea in how to do it and what programs he used etc etc lol

he was the one who inspired me in papercraft and reason why im using that to make my chibi shoulder gundam ^^ lol


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