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17 Apr 2013 - 23:26101172
Any homestuck cosplayers?
I mainly cosplay Meulin and different variations of her.

I also cosplayed Jake for 4/13.
(Check out my albums).

Anyone else cosplay Homestuck?

18 Apr 2013 - 08:55101181
Yeah. There are hundreds of MSPaint Adventures costumes on this site (Check out the directory - http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/directory/costumes/search-source/homestuck/completed/0/order/source-asc - over 800 pages of costumes!)

I'll be doing a Aranea Serket costume on the Sunday of May's London Expo, but at any cosplay event its pretty easy to find fellow Homestuckers.


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21 Apr 2013 - 03:47101331
I've cosplayed two variations of Jade (Dead Shuffle and Iron Lass) and my partner has cosplayed Dave in his Aces suit, and God Tier Hussie. (We also did Problem Sleuth and Hysterical Dame a few years back :3)

Homestuck costumes pop up on an enormous scale, you'll be hard pushed to not run into at least one a day on here xD

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