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17 Apr 2013 - 18:56101144
Who to cosplay? Previous cosplay pic included
I am just not sure who to cosplay! Someone, give me a suggestion pleaseee!

Alice (Madness Returns)- Royal Suit
Alice (Madness Returns)- Silk Maiden
Asuna from Sword Art Online (my boyfriend would be Kirito in that case)
Irene (NPC) from Dragon Nest (MMORPG)
Neliel from Bleach (already have that one ready- cosplayed her 2011)
Ichigo from Bleach- Black Getsuga Tensou
Bleach- Soifong or Yoruichi
Sakura from Naruto (Shippuden)

Any other suggestions?

Here is the picture of my friends and me- I was Neliel. http://kindlittlemoon.deviantart.com/art/The-three-very-different-ninja-242931550?q=gallery%3Akindlittlemoon%2F31554523&qo=2

20 Apr 2013 - 09:57101296
I'd say Alice (Madness Returns)- Royal Suit but the one with your boyfriend could be good just so you're both cosplaying together

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