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16 Apr 2013 - 12:24101062
Rose Tyler or Amy Pond wanted
Hi I'm Mark and I cosplay as mainly the 10th doctor but also the 11th
And I have the costume and the accessories but the one thing I am missing is a great companion I was wondering if there were any roses or Amy's or even Clara's out there who want a Doctor
If this is applying to you then feel free to get on touch with me
Thanks you for your time

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16 Apr 2013 - 13:48101066
You might get more replies if you mention which events this is for.

It is for specific events right? You haven't mistaken CI for a dating website have you?

EDIT: Not looking for Donnas, Marthas or Rorys?


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16 Apr 2013 - 14:07101069
Hahaha defo not
Lol Any event basically I just wanted to see
If there was anyone out there who was looking for the same as me
But ok um how about for London comic-con in July

17 Apr 2013 - 08:38101119
I don't have any concrete plans yet to do a Doctor Who cospaly, but at some point I will be wanting to do a version of Clara.

I'll message you when I do and we can do pictures, if you like?

17 Apr 2013 - 10:03101123
That would be great
Yes i think that would be great i'll add you as a friend now then when ever your done just message me

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