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14 Apr 2013 - 10:07100925
Hi just letting anyone who's interested know that this will be our last ever replica exhibit in WEM, Shropshire, UK, my home town. Although there is possibly one more small exhibit planned on 1st September in Ludlow, South Shropshire, this will be the last in WEM>
My parents & I are now struggling with the setting up and taking down in one day of the whole thing, between the 3 of us we simply can't take the stress of it all anymore for a big display, so if we do one in the future it will only be small displays.

So this will be peoples last chance to see a larger range of my costumes but not all as we don't have enough mannequins and again time in one day of displaying.

It is in St Peters & St Pauls Parish Church on the main Wem High Street and will be raising money for the restoration church fund. It is free entry and are collecting volentry donations if you feel our work is good.
It is on 30th MAY 2013 from 10-4pm, so please come, mum & I are on hand to answer any questions about construction of garments, help and advice to the best of our knowledge.
Photos and videos are allowed!

Dircetions and map available on my website:-

please also rever to this video on youtube advertising our event with one or two of the costumes lined up for the event. Also some info on where to find accomodation B&B.

Thank you folks any questions please ask.

Tracy The Pink Princess

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