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13 Apr 2013 - 21:04100910
Arda wigs
Edit: not sure what happened but this has appeared in the wrong forum! Please move for me! Sorry

I've found the perfect wig for my GoT Dany cosplay but I have a couple of questions;
Has anyone ordered from this site before?
Are the wigs good quality?
How long did delivery take?
Were there any customs charges?

The wig I want is roughly £60 including shipping, so I really don't want to get ripped off and end up with a bad quality wig or paying customs charges.


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13 Apr 2013 - 21:24100913
I can't answer the questions about delivery and customs as I haven't ordered one personally, but they are very good quality wigs. My only issue with them is that they are quite large, so if you have a small head, it might be too big for you.

13 Apr 2013 - 22:27100918
I've got the Matilda from Arda (plus a few others, because I clearly hate my wallet... XD), and I LOVE them! The quality is great, well worth the money. The shipping didn't take very long, but when you order you have to make sure that they have the wig in stock, since they are so popular that they are a bit bad at re-stocking in time. ^^;

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13 Apr 2013 - 22:49100919

Are the wigs good quality?

Amazing quality, really thick and easy to maintain, style, whatever. The wig in my gallery for Wreck-it Ralph is Arda, but I have two other wigs from them as well. I think they give you the best quailty for price.
How long did delivery take?
About 2-3weeks? I'd say more likely 2 weeks though, so standard international shipping time tbh.
Were there any customs charges?
I got some, yah. It was for me just over £10 in charges, but that can change by weight of package I think.

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13 Apr 2013 - 23:25100921
I have one of their ponytails and it is beautiful!
It's really high quality, very thick, and very easy to brush and maintain. That thing has been through wig hell (trees and parties for the most part. And a very static car journey), but has brushed out nicely each time.

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14 Apr 2013 - 01:36100922
Has anyone ordered from this site before?: Yup! I've ordered from there. If you want examples in my gallery - My Connor, Randall and Jacuzzi wigs are all from Arda. (I've also bought two others which don't have pics in my gallery yet!)

Are the wigs good quality?: They're probably the best quality ones I have! They are wonderfully thick and a joy to style because of this! The lace front ones are an actual god send!

How long did delivery take?: Delivery has been really quick for me! Within a week believe it or not!

Were there any customs charges?: The first two I ordered were fine, but the last lot (I ordered three in one go) got smacked with a whopping £23 customs fee x.x The problem with customs is that it's supposedly random so you sort of run the risk whenever you order from the US/Canada... It's really up to you whether you take that risk. For me it was worth it cause the wigs were perfect for what I needed. But just be prepared for the worse!

14 Apr 2013 - 10:20100926
I don't know the site but I can give you some information about customs. Basically its charged on the value of the item plus shipping. VAT is 20% of the total and import duty is usually waived unless your item is really high value. You then will add on a processing fee to the delivery company, which is currently £8 for SAL/ Royal mail and £13.50 for EMS/ parcelforce. So a £60 parcel might cost you another £20-£25. Sometimes parcels will slip through customs without charges and this is more probable with slower shipping methods such as SAL.

14 Apr 2013 - 10:20100927
With arda wigs and customs it's the best bet to order just one at a time, otherwise you will get hit by customs.

I've bought my wig for Leon Souryuu which I've yet to upload on here. Shall do so now. And it's really good quality and easy to style. It's so much better than getting one on eBay although it is cheaper but arda is best way to get a high quality wig.

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14 Apr 2013 - 11:18100929
Arda is supposed to be pretty good as long as they do have the wig in stock. If they don't (they don't update their website fast enough to show that) you might have to wait 8+ weeks only to have your order cancelled and get money back.

For customs, it's not dependent on weight of package but cost of item + shipping. A £60 package would cost £12 customs + admin/handling charge. The admin charge is between £8-13, depending if it's Royal Mail or Parcelforce. So you're looking at a total of £20-25 on top of the £60.

15 Apr 2013 - 17:05101005
I bought the wig that I used for http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/costume/view/73352 from Arda. The wig itself was very nice quality and the price for a lacefront was pretty okay (I sorta regret paying so much for it though for a one time use cosplay but that's me personally)

I got hit with about £17 customs on my purchase from Arda, which is why I'm probably not going to purchase from them again unless I really have to. I've bought many wigs online and Arda is the only place I've ever been hit with customs from for a wig order.

So personally, I'd say that their wig quality is nice but maybe not quite worth the money they charge you (The one I bought was obviously a lacefront making it more expensive but the wig quality itself was on par with some wigs I've bought on Ebay for about £12...those wigs were also very nice though so it's not about quality, just about price!) and you might get hit by customs like I did.

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17 Apr 2013 - 02:23101116
Has anyone ordered from this site before?
Just received my first wig from them! Buttercup, in platinum blonde.

Are the wigs good quality?
I've not styled it yet, but the first impression is good! It's thick, and not showing wefts through or anything. The Buttercup is a bangless wig, which I needed for my next costume, and after much scouring for cheaper options I eventually settled on this one.

Also, I consistently get headaches from wigs (I've had the problem with wigs from all different sources and countries) and recently learnt that it might be because the wigs (and wig caps) were too small. I'd heard that Arda's wigs run big, so decided to take a chance to see if it would be the magical difference. And it is! I ordered a wig cap too, and even that is bigger! I've not yet worn them for a long period of time, but even just trying them on I can feel how much room there is for my apparently huge head. (I also purchased a male polystyrene wig head to use it with, as they are much bigger too.)

This is definitely something to bear this in mind, if you have a small head.

How long did delivery take?
Delivery took 10 days.

Were there any customs charges?
No. My order consisted of a Buttercup, wig cap, and shipping insurance, and came to $39. With shipping on top, it was $56.08, which is about £36.50.

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