London Anime and Gaming Con

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LocationLondon Metropolitan University
Start DateSaturday 8th February 2014
End DateSunday 9th February 2014

Event Description
London Anime Con is a fun and friendly anime and gaming convention that takes place in the UK. It is now a 2,000+ person two-day event.

Nathan Drake




Tetsuya Kuroko


Mizuki HimejiBaka to Test to ShoukanjuuSilvermaneComplete
BatmanBatman Animated SeriesMighty-TomatoComplete
KikiKiki's Delivery ServiceKirsty-ShadowPhoenixComplete
Tetsuya KurokoKuroko no BasukeVenShenanigansComplete
Riko AidaKuroko no Basuke / Kuroko no BasketFeirdrisComplete
FluttershyMy little pony: Friendship is magicmewComplete
PonyoPonyoKirsty-ShadowPhoenixIn Progress
SanPrincess MononokeKirsty-ShadowPhoenixComplete
Chihiro OginoSpirited AwayMissJessicaAmyComplete
Chihiro OginoSpirited AwayMeganekko JessComplete
Chihiro OginoSpirited AwayShiraishiEmiComplete
Chihiro OginoSpirited AwayMeganekkoJessCosplayComplete
Nathan DrakeUncharted 3: Drake's DeceptionalienqueenComplete
Hatsune MikuVocaloidMeganekko JessIn Progress
Megurine LukaVocaloidgiiraaffee-eComplete
Megurine LukaVocaloidShiraishiEmiIn Progress