J-Con 2014

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Start DateThursday 18th September 2014
End DateFriday 19th September 2014

Event Description
J-Con VII will be the 7th annual J-Con in Derby. The East Midlands largest Anime & Manga convention, expect events, competitions, artists, guests and traders from the worlds of Anime, Cosplay, Manga, Video Gaming and more!

Mysterious Stranger

Prof. Fears

Professor Oak

Prof. Fears

Rin Kagamine


Marceline Abadeeradventure timeStaley-StuffComplete
Naegi MakotoDangan RonpaInfiniteJesterComplete
Erza ScarletFairy TailAmazonianBlondeComplete
Mysterious StrangerFalloutProf. FearsComplete
ElsaFrozen (Disney)RedstarComplete
ElsaFrozen (Disney)RedstarComplete
Sawada TsunayoshiKatekyo Hitman REBORN!BakaBakaRangersComplete
Ronald KnoxKuroshitsuji/ Black ButlerDandy_FoxComplete
Liliana VessMagic the GatheringCauldron-Of-MischiefComplete
JibrilNo Game No LifeLintillaComplete
Professor BirchPokemonmagigreenPlanned
Professor OakPokémonProf. FearsComplete
Nora ValkyreRWBYNo-Limit-CosplayComplete
Ami MizunoSailor MoonKuKuIn Progress
KaraneThe Legend of Zelda - Skyward SwordsoloComplete
Ittoki OtoyaUta no Prince-Sama: DebutBakaBakaRangersComplete
Rin KagamineVocaloidXxOtakuChiceexXComplete