DOJ-CON 2013

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Start DateSaturday 13th April 2013
End DateSaturday 13th April 2013

Event Description
DOJ-CON (previously known as Dee-Con) is a free anime convention, held on all 5 floors of our famous University of Dundee Union. It’s a whole day of jolly good fun, featuring artists tables, film screenings, industry presentations, cosplaying, and a whole lot more! It is also the fundraiser for the animation Degree Show at DJCAD, Dundee.



Sailor Mars


Fix-It Felix Jr.


Fionna the Humanadventure timeMillieMaraComplete
Fionna the HumanAdventure Time (With Fionna and Cake)MillieMaraComplete
Harley quinn (COMMISSION)Batman comics/ animated seriesSasashieComplete
Allen WalkerD.Gray-manBekumuraComplete
EnchantressDC ComicspuzzledpenguinComplete
PandoraDC ComicsCaranthComplete
MeridaDisney's BraveRaineComplete
Lucy HeartfiliaFairy Tail Manga/AnimeCloudsAngel22Complete
YunaFinal Fantasy X-2LinseyPimmsComplete
Dave StriderHomestuckSyntheticAudioComplete
Feferi PiexesHomestuck - MS Paint Adventures.LaLa_LuLuIn Progress
YutakaLucky StarJewelsComplete
AladdinMagi - Labyrinth of MagicIkkiComplete
Rose LalondeMS Paint Adventures: HomestuckBillie BlouseComplete
Rainbow DashMy little pony: Friendship is magicMilkyComplete
Rei AyanamiNeon Genesis EvangelionPixieDustComplete
Princess TutuPrincess TutuAnaelicIn Progress
Sailor MarsSailor Mooneternal_aranelComplete
Queen BerylSailor Moonkitty_samaComplete
[COSTUME COMMISSION] Sailor MoonSailor Moon RTellyComplete
Soul EvansSoul EaterWolvhertComplete
Death The KidSoul EaterMoxxiMayCryComplete
Nathan DrakeUncharted SeriesFenrarComplete
Kasane TetoUTAU/VocaloidShe Who Must Not Be NamedComplete
Fix-It Felix Jr.Wreck-It Ralphlaurenpenman-dbzComplete