DOJ-CON 2013

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Start DateSaturday 13th April 2013
End DateSaturday 13th April 2013

Event Description
DOJ-CON (previously known as Dee-Con) is a free anime convention, held on all 5 floors of our famous University of Dundee Union. It’s a whole day of jolly good fun, featuring artists tables, film screenings, industry presentations, cosplaying, and a whole lot more! It is also the fundraiser for the animation Degree Show at DJCAD, Dundee.

Rainbow Dash


Allen Walker


Queen Beryl


Fionna the Humanadventure timeMillieMaraComplete
Fionna the HumanAdventure Time (With Fionna and Cake)MillieMaraComplete
Harley quinn (COMMISSION)Batman comics/ animated seriesSasashieComplete
Allen WalkerD.Gray-manBekumuraComplete
EnchantressDC ComicspuzzledpenguinComplete
PandoraDC ComicsCaranthComplete
MeridaDisney's BraveRaineComplete
Lucy HeartfiliaFairy Tail Manga/AnimeCloudsAngel22Complete
YunaFinal Fantasy X-2LinseyPimmsComplete
Dave StriderHomestuckSyntheticAudioComplete
Feferi PiexesHomestuck - MS Paint Adventures.LaLa_LuLuIn Progress
YutakaLucky StarJewelsComplete
AladdinMagi - Labyrinth of MagicIkkiComplete
Rose LalondeMS Paint Adventures: HomestuckBillie BlouseComplete
Rainbow DashMy little pony: Friendship is magicMilkyComplete
Rei AyanamiNeon Genesis EvangelionPixieDustComplete
Princess TutuPrincess TutuAnaelicIn Progress
Sailor MarsSailor Mooneternal_aranelComplete
Queen BerylSailor Moonkitty_samaComplete
[COSTUME COMMISSION] Sailor MoonSailor Moon RTellyComplete
Soul EvansSoul EaterWolvhertComplete
Death The KidSoul EaterMoxxiMayCryComplete
Nathan DrakeUncharted SeriesFenrarComplete
Kasane TetoUTAU/VocaloidShe Who Must Not Be NamedComplete
Fix-It Felix Jr.Wreck-It Ralphlaurenpenman-dbzComplete