Doki Doki 2011

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Event Information
Start DateSunday 13th November 2011
End DateSunday 13th November 2011

Event Description
Doki Doki is a Japanese Cultural festival; planned to run every other year, it will focus on all aspects of Japanese culture as well as anime and manga. The will be a daytime event (all ages), and an evening event (18+ only). Cosplayers can get a discount on the entry to the evening event if they are in costume at the time.

Hanabi Ozora




Alice Liddell


Alice LiddellAlice Madness Returns (American Mcgee's)MelanthaComplete
road kamelotD Gray ManRanmaru cosplaysComplete
road kamlotD Gray ManRanmaru cosplaysIn Progress
Misa AmaneDeath NoteMeelebComplete
LDeath NotejettyguyComplete
Misa AmaneDeath Note AnimeMisamaneComplete
The DoctorDoctor WhoCrazedteensieComplete
shizuo heiwajimaDurarara!!!Arekusu-kisuComplete
Cloud StrifeFinal Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenNikkuComplete
VanilleFinal Fantasy XIIIAshenStarIn Progress
Hanabi OzoraHappy Hustle HighMegitymegComplete
Belphegorhitman rebornPintSized_13Complete
Grell SutcliffKuroshitsuji (Black Butler)GothShelleIn Progress
konata izumiLucky Stargot_it_memorizedIn Progress
Ranka LeeMacross FrontierCGOPbleachbabeComplete
Homura AkemiMahou Shoujo Madoka MagicaKarmaPlanned
MelfinaOutlaw StarLuminescenceComplete
EchoPandora HeartsMyLittleRagDollComplete
Sailor MarsSailor MoonMidgetGemComplete
Sailor SaturnSailor Moonbako_neko_tokyoComplete
AuroraSleeping Beauty / DisneyClosetFanGirlComplete
C.ViperStreet Fighter IVSilveraDestinovaComplete
Mai ValentineYu-Gi-Oh!MissBeccaVampComplete