London Anime Con 2011

Event Information
LocationLondon Metropolitain University 166-220 Holloway Road London N7 8DB
Start DateFriday 11th February 2011
End DateSaturday 12th February 2011

Event Description
London Anime Con is a fun and friendly anime and gaming convention that takes place in the UK. Originally starting out as a smaller event set in a bar, it has since grown into a fully-fledged 600+ person convention.



Kakashi Hatake


Ciel Phantomhive


Misa AmaneDeathnoteMona_The_VampireComplete
Haine RammsteinerDOGS: Bullets and CarnageAQuietRiotComplete
Ciel PhantomhiveKuroshitsuji (Black Butler) 2jusnonekoComplete
Kakashi HatakeNarutoPhobosMoonComplete
Xephen SwordsmanOriginal Characterroy-swordsmanComplete
team magma grunt malePokemon EmeraldpokemonrangerComplete
Ryoma EchizenPrince of Tennis: Seigakuraine_estrellaPlanned
YukiVampire Knight GuiltycutetoboewolfComplete
Dark Magician GirlYu-Gi-Oh!AQuietRiotComplete