Collectormania London 2010

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LocationLondon, Olympia two
Start DateSaturday 27th November 2010
End DateSunday 28th November 2010

Chris Redfield

Pred Paul

UNIT Soldier


Rorona Zoro


River SongDoctor WhoGemzusComplete
UNIT SoldierDoctor WhoBabyStrayComplete
BulmaDragonball ZSarahSaiyanIn Progress
ElektraMarvel ComicsZombiemamaComplete
Rorona ZoroOne Piece Movie 10VeXerLINKComplete
Undead Captain Jack SparrowPirates of the CaribbeanBloodSpiderComplete
Chris RedfieldResident Evil 1Pred PaulComplete
SecretSecret ;) Cookies for correct answer :3Joff99Planned
Dr. John WatsonSherlock [bbc]FogandSpyglassComplete
TerranceSouth ParkZombiemamaComplete
HoroSpice and WolfNeverforeverComplete
CodexThe GuildVamp_RougeComplete
homer simpsonthe simpsonhitmanx2Complete