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44065RhamonaScott Pilgrim Vs the WorldSera-eclipseNone
72964Roxie RichterScott Pilgrim Vs the WorldquixoticschlemielMCM London Comic Con October 2014
46584Wallace WellsScott Pilgrim Vs the WorldFullMetal-007None
54245Todd IngramScott Pilgrim Vs the Worldember329London MCM Expo October 2012
52698Scott PilgrimScott Pilgrim Vs the WorldLuci Hades ManorLondon MCM Expo October 2011
54840Kim PineScott Pilgrim Vs the WorldRitsu-ChanNone
61757Ramona FlowersScott Pilgrim Vs the Worldheartscollector12None
98416Ramona FlowersScott Pilgrim Vs the WorldTwistedtheclownMCM Manchester Comic Con 2015
81976Lucas LeeScott Pilgrim Vs the WorldAsakuraAyaCon 2013
84414Scott PilgrimScott Pilgrim Vs the WorldNetsforexLondon MCM Expo Comic Con October 2013
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