Oerba Yun Fang
Final Fantasy XIII

Cosplayer: Valentine Cosplay Gaming

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Showcased 10th October 2016

4th April 2017: Cosplay Masquerade Entry I have now applied for London MCM masquerade for May 2017 :D
I have also sent off any necessary details they properly need as well, or to look at since applying.

Wish me luck :)

25th March 2017: Fangs Staff Improvment Yesssss!!!! Fangs Staff DONE ❤

To see staff full in vid
On cosplay/gaming page


25th March 2017: Fangs Boots (Improvment) Complete I think im done legs hurt, trying to make sure middle section perfect for fangs staff trying to keep ribbon secure down. Hopefully can tidy up any messy bits.

This has been the most fiddly thing ever.

Hope this looks all ok for judges for MCM May London Comic Con Masquerade Contest soon when I apply. (The Big One)

20th March 2017: Fangs Boots (Improvment) COMPLETE Fangs Cosplay Boots
Final Fantasy XIII

Almost done, tryed the best getting them perfect for London MCM Comic Con & hopefully for contest when I apply soon.

Which I still need the help on getting music together for skit performance.

Results so far, just need to add sole covers on now.

Update - Sole covers been added & glued down, left to dry.
Will check if need inner part need gluing, were the zip part is.

19th March 2017: Fangs Staff Improvment (Experiment) A while ago I did experiments, gluing ribbon with different types of glue.
I can say all of them did good enough, with UHU glue I felt it takes quite a while to dry.

I prpberly use super glue and glue gun to try keep ribbon down on the red cord, when fully covered again.
Not sure about any other glues.

19th March 2017: Fangs Boots (Improvment) Didnt need to buy any studs at all, managed to do the decoration part on the boot covers.
So saved myself spending money, I made the strips then added the studs pined on.
Lastly hand stitched onto the boot covers giving a nice original feel and look to it.

Just need to make sure I get the boot covers stapled down now, and sole covers glued on top covering all the messy stuff.

15th March 2017: Fangs Staff Improvment 2 So after thinking how I will improve the decoration on my staff, ive decided to go with ribbon.

I have done the bands needed for the criss cross features, which is spare ribbon I had in my material draws.

So all I really need to get is the red cord from Freds in Chesterfield. I just hope they have plenty.

Now the issue I have is how to keep it down I could try sewing using invis thread, but I am not sure if the glue gun will hold it down nicely with no lumps, or would gorilla super glue help?

There is that brownish gorilla glue they have in stall would that keep it down?

Any suggestions. I make have to experiment gluing strips of the ribbon down on scrap fabric to see which holds better.

15th March 2017: Fangs Staff Improvment So ok...
Its been playing on my mind for the past month or two now if to re do a certain section on my staff.

The middle section I just felt it look messy and could do with re covering.

Now I'm too afraid talking off the red cord because its glue down well using the glue gun, so I though why not go over with it in red cord again, then do the gold swirl decorative part again neater and take more time.

Here are the results or photos starting the process of removing and thinking, now the spare cord I had seeing how it looks isn't glued on just holding, plus it not enough to cover all on one side.

Will have have to re buy this cord again thinking how many meters is needed.
Hopefully they have this cord again
The gold cord prpberly only need 2m and stay with one colour/style.

Because the first time I made this decorative section on the staff, with the gold cord, I had two gold cord in different colours & style plus felt like I rushed or messed it up.

Ive stayed with it for a while but decided it just needed sorting.

Least the side from the middle section looks perfect. So one less worry.

Will post finish results on page, as I am not really wanting to do a creative stream sorting this part because of space.

Photos before & Progress/Thoughts

10th March 2017: Little Extra Thing So while I am still WIP on the Improved Fangs cosplay boots, I did a portfolio for Fangs cosplay.
This is ideal for the judges to ready and look at when I apply for London MCM Comic Con Maskurade (The big one)

I still how ever, want to make sure I get the music togather really well, hopefully someone I know is on work with it. Which I need to contact tgem soon to find out what's going on. Hopefully they can sort the music out for me, so I can add them to the portfolio work.

9th March 2017: Trying to keep things updated, Improved Jewellery Complete Fangs cosplay jewellery done.
Ready for MCM London May 2017 soon.

9th March 2017: Will Update Soon Hi guys just to let you know the improvements of Fangs jewellery is complete, but havent had chance to upload photo progress or images of finished results yet.

13th February 2017: Improvements Progress - Buckles Now finished I tested to see how buckels were on me and belt.
They may not be perfect, but I have tryed my best, Fangs buckles with belt is now complete.

I would have like them 3D printed but oh well.

13th February 2017: Improvements Progress - Buckles When made all the buckels, used a metallic silver paint from hobby craft.
Painted every bit of each buckel then finished with decopatch gloss glue, also from hobby craft.

Had to give two coats, to help protect paint and buckle.

11th February 2017: Start of Improvements - Buckles Each buckle has three templates stuck togather, giving a thick structure.
When stuck togather, I give a sanding to make them neater and smoother look.

The next stages will be covering with lots of tissue paper, applyed with pva glue.
Which will give a stronger strength.

11th February 2017: Start of Improvements - Buckles As I am planning to start on the buckles soon, my thoughts on making them would try different materials than fimo again.

I had some foam board left so I hand drawn a template and traced a couple, this first buckle will be the main front buckle with the details.

Photo containing the start of the buckle making, for fangs cosplay improvements. The second is a old buckle made out of fimo when I first started making the cosplay.

I wrote a list of what else is need to get for buckle making, looking forward how the results will turn out.

11th February 2017: Impromrnts Started Improvements towards Fangs cosplay is underway, I have complete by remaking the arm band. Which will be a bit more tighter to wear, and the buckels in progress. Still waiting on parts for the jewellery side of things to start soon, and stuff all ready to start on boots as well, but that will be the last thing to do on list and rather take more time in.

7th December 2016: Hair Improvement I am fang
Want to have fangs hair done for a long time and hope to keep like this :D

26th September 2016: Update on fixtures of cosplay There have been slight fixes on this cosplay

The boots have been re fixed by stapling down onto the sole and boot cover along with sole cover glued down using a lot of gorilla glue.

The Buckels now again comes apart which need to be glued time & time again togather.

What I know now making the boots, I plan to make the boots again starting fresh with the new techniques of using staplers to hold down well and use of gorilla glue.

The Buckels, I like to have 3D printed if possible showing my version of the Buckels I have made.
And trying to find someone who is able to do it.

The purple crystal necklace with the earings I want to remake better and have it like the same from a commission I did for a friend for free. To make it look just like fangs jewellery from the reference.

Images will be concluded.

6th June 2016: Everything else done : Just wig Been getting everything off list.
Just the wig to get done.

Better hurry YCC : YorkshireCosplayCon this weekend coming!!!!!

5th June 2016: Fangs Belt & Buckels Complete!!!! Full look on fangs belt & buckels for cosplay ugh Finlay I feel like I been in a sweat shop working.

Here how I've made the belt:
200cm long rectangle leather look cut belt, by 2 inches. Make sure to measure size of belt ideal, if your set to make buckles like me.

Before sewing pieces together I sewn lots of lines to give that look like fangs belt.

Then sewn together and tidy edges, which lastly let me to glue hopefully the Velcro well down to hold together.

Hope this help those who want to go as fang if you can't glue cords together to make fangs belt.

I wish the belt was lighter like fangs but I'm glad I've made it.

4th June 2016: Fangs Armband Complete It might not look like fangs armband, but tryed something similar to it & best I could do.

2nd June 2016: Fangs Staff Recap Update COMPLETE!!!! Tryed the best as I can making sure this would look perfect.
The gold cords were a night mare when decorating this last part, tryed to do swirly features but did something to look like fangs staff.
I tryed best to keep it nice and some might say it looks a mess but I've tryed.

I can say this is done.
I hope your guys like this.

31st May 2016: Fangs Buckels WIP Fangs buckels complete & done.
The main belt is still in a working progress.

Made out of using fimo clay giving it a sparkle & a finishing touch of gloss.

28th May 2016: Fangs Fox Tails + Belt Complete Finally got the fox tails with belt complete, just left:

- Main Belt & Buckels
- Weaved Armband
- Wig to be styled
- Finishing off staff

I'm still finding arm band diffcult to make and weave, would like to see if anyone can help make on the SE cosplay group.
Or I will have to do a weaved armband but will be diffrent from design, I like to have it done in her ref image but I have to see.

28th May 2016: I've tryed... I tryed my best keeping close to the ref on fangs staff, getting it to look like how it is.
But, it's still fangs staff with a slight style change.
Like I said in previous post just need to add gold cords, which is the swirly things as the finished touching to complete.

28th May 2016: Fangs Staff Recap Update Fangs staff 99%
Complete just need to add the gold cord on the inner sections.
Here I filmed the staff.

Some reason it won't let me add video but here is a link to Instagram of it.


27th May 2016: Fangs Staff Recap Update Fangs staff 99%
This was the progress working on it most the day Friday.
The cords were added after & filmed.

24th May 2016: Fangs staff : Painting In Progress It might not be much today but still lots to do, mother nature trying to bog on me, better be nice tmoro.

Red parts had acrylics on and gloss red paint on just needs tear drops on and decopatch.

Silver & gold parts painted in acrylics then needs gloss paint on too too.

This is the result so far today

23rd May 2016: Fangs Staff Recap Update All spear heads complete :)

Just the staff to do now, paint, decorate & finish.

So happy how these have turned out, can't wait till it's completely finish & togather.

23rd May 2016: Fangs Staff Recap Update Three done one finishing.

So happy how these spear heads have come out.
Only the staff to do now, hopefully the weather stays nice so I can complete it.

Least the staff progress is going well.

21st May 2016: Fangs Staff : Painting progress The spear heads are almost done. And yes started painting them, the staff will be painted soon just will take time.
The process goes acrylic painted, gloss painted, then decorated & gloss glue painted.

So happy it's coming along.

18th May 2016: Pieces togather Here it is all togather, I will over check see if it needs any more work on as in covering and making stronger.
Before painting and decorating tmoro. (Will do paint test first before then starting to paint)

So happy
Blood sweat and tears into this.
Might not be perfect but tryed my best.

16th May 2016: Fangs Staff Recap Update I been spending a few days working on staff by myself and help with stepdad.
It's coming along but there still much to do.

Here's what I've done today.

Starting to get in all the detailed.

15th May 2016: Fangs Staff Recap Update I been spending a few days working on staff by myself and help with stepdad.
It's coming along but there still much to do.

12th May 2016: Tattoos Complete My tattoos for fangs cosplay came through the post today which I'm really happy about.
I can't wait to put these on the day.

Brought from eBay

4th May 2016: Progress (Check List) Ok so...

My last post I said I brought the temp tattoos which I am waiting.
I have also brought cords to start making fangs arm band soon along with the braded belt for fox tails.
Hope they get here soon before June.

That leaves me trying to find the right cords to make the corded belt holding the sari in place.
I have materials to start making the buckels soon, but needs to find the perfect cords that can be glued or sew togather and must be rounded cord. I hope I come to results in my findings.

I am hopefully heading to town tmoro to start getting stuff for painting and decorating the staff soon, but need to have a check through all pieces put togather, then painting and decorating afterwards.

3rd May 2016: I THINK..... I THINK I'm done ? All the pieces to go together soon, before painting & decorating.

When togather I can see how it looks incase need to do any more.

Tryed my best making fangs staff, hope at all holds at the end of the day.

Hopefully I can get last few bits off the list while working on this.

It may not be perfect but I made this blood sweat tears.

2nd May 2016: Temp tattoos Just orded fangs temp tattoos, hopefully will get here before June, hopefully.
So will apply the tats on the day getting ready in June or day before.

2nd May 2016: Progress : Fangs Staff SO FAR... Showing the progress so far on fangs staff.
Feel like everything going ok, but feels really difficult to make perfect.

If I were making the pole of the staff again I would make the rims out of layers of foam board, like I did for part of the ends of the staff.
Will post the next post of how it all looks togather when finished before painting and decorating.

I also wish in future I like to have a commission staff made.

18th April 2016: Fox tails complete (Just breaded belt) Added small & big jump rings to the fox tails, hope they stay on don't come off.

I hate to lose them.

Finished fox tails, just the breaded belt to make.

17th April 2016: Progress - Fangs Staff All the pieces done and left to dry, once dry I think I just got wood ends & pole to do.
Then I can piece all the stuff togather before painting and decoration hopefully.

17th April 2016: Progress - Fangs Staff The circle part is to balance the square block, it is ment to be a cone feature but felt it wouldn't hold or may brake?
If I were making the whole staff out of wood may have been easy, but this is the first time making the staff.

I found a coaster mat at a reasonable size, which I drew round to cut in layers and form a circle block.
Which be able to sick to the square block.

17th April 2016: Progress - Fangs Staff Talking about what next for fangs staff making progress, so I drew up a diagram to explain.
A roufh one.

17th April 2016: Progress - Fangs Staff Showing how part of the attachments will look together when attached.
But still a lot to do for the staff yet.

The blocks of wood covered in foam board and tissue paper to protect and not chip away & cause damage.

14th April 2016: Progress - Fangs Staff The next part of the process of fangs staff.
Wood blocks with the little attachment pieces for the spear heads to be added.

I am condering of covering the wood with foam board and tissue paper so it all blends in and protected, I know doing the little attachments would have been better in wood but I had to figure a way how to make. They will soon have holes in for the spears to be attached using nuts and bolts. Hopefully this plan of ideas will work. Fingers crossed.

Image One

14th April 2016: Wig & fangs hair references Looking how I will start styling fangs hair, I got the wig and love it but had to order a better wig cap as the wig cap came with was crap, and was more as a hair net than cap.

First time trying to style is hard, but I'm condering if my hair dresser can be any help. I know I can do it myself but it's so frustrating.

Image Part Two - Wig & Hair products

The wig is from a part shop in Chesterfield called pure party, will add Facebook link below.

14th April 2016: Wig & fangs hair references Looking how I will start styling fangs hair, I got the wig and love it but had to order a better wig cap as the wig cap came with was crap, and was more as a hair net than cap.

First time trying to style is hard, but I'm condering if my hair dresser can be any help. I know I can do it myself but it's so frustrating.

Image Part One - Fangs hair references

12th April 2016: Buckels & belt The buckles will be made out of Fimo clay & the belt made out of cords. The best cords I have found so far is on etsy which I will be getting soon near end of this month. I have however got blocks of silver clay which I will also be using soon to make not till I got the cords.

That's the plan.

(Images of the fimo clay will be added on soon along with the cords)

12th April 2016: Starting progress - Fangs staff The progress on fangs staff, spear heads to start off made out of foam board and lots of tissue paper with Pva glue.
Ready to be painted, have holes drilled & screw features added in soon.

Image One (Part 2)

Materials from
Foam Board - (Hobby Craft), Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Tissue paper - EBay (used to make first cons prop rocket launcher from Resident Evil)
Pva Glue - Wikos, Chesterfield, Derbyshire (used to make first cons prop rocket launcher from Resident Evil)

Here is the next part of the process showing how it is made, till the end finally finishing the last one.
Like I said the next part is next, but not till I get other things for the staff done and made.

12th April 2016: Starting progress - Fangs staff The progress on fangs staff, spear heads to start off made out of foam board and lots of tissue paper with Pva glue.
Ready to be painted, have holes drilled & screw features added in soon.

Image One (Part 1)

Materials from
Foam Board - (Hobby Craft), Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Tissue paper - EBay (used to make first cons prop rocket launcher from Resident Evil)
Pva Glue - Wikos, Chesterfield, Derbyshire (used to make first cons prop rocket launcher from Resident Evil)

12th April 2016: Fox tails from party shop. (Wig arrived picking up tmoro or this week) I would made my own fox tails but it's the right fur to find.
But when checking at a party shop I found these two fox tails, which I felt suited well.

I could make my own but less hassle.

When I brought these they had safety pins on them, I how ever will try change them for a Jump ring.
Which will hide away when wearing with the breaded belt, that I still need to make soon.

The fox tails will be styled to the ref images using hair wax & hair spray.

(Pure Party Shop), Chesterfield, Derbyshire


6th April 2016: Sorry for not updating Hi guys sorry for not keep you up to date with the progress so far.
I am still working on it & will tell you in the to do list what still needs finishing.
I am heading to town today to start gathering materials & some of the things needed off the list.

Will keep you posted soon & upload.

23rd March 2016: Shoes completed Made out of leather cloth, zips, studs & buckels oh & primark sandles.
Tryed my best making fangs boots for first time.

I watched this tutorial how to make fangs boots.

Material - Leather Cloth & studs & primark sandles

Black Zips
(Fred's Habdashery), Chesterfield, Derbyshire

23rd March 2016: Some bangles for fangs cosplay Got these bangles for fangs cosplay from Claire's accessories.
Thought they look nice.

23rd March 2016: Wig, fox tail+belt, arm band These are easily to get and make, which will be done soon.

The wig & fox tails I be getting at a party shop in Chesterfield & the belt along with arm band will be made by cords.
Which the cords will be brought at Fred's Habdashery in Chesterfield if possible, or online i.e eBay or etsy.

19th March 2016: Progress on the shoes I have got most of the stuff through post, to make the shoes just waiting for the studs.

Been into town today and got stuff needed for cosplay, so glad I only need to do the shoes and belt now which is the major thing to make. Then I can start on making the staff next month :)

14th March 2016: Tweaks with jewellery (sigh) Doing a few tweeks with jewellery.
Fixing more like using uhu glue to keeps the cords inside tight, in the sprint ends.
As they keep falling out and taking ages for the glue to dry.
I'm sure I can sort this problem out.

And the top part which hold the crystal pendant came off didn't make the polymer strong enough, but can easily be fixed.
Least the earring are ok, I should have chosen something different than Spring ends.

14th March 2016: How jewellery looks with costume. Looking how the jewellery looks with costume.
Only part needs doing:
Belt + buckels
Fox tale + braided belt
Bangles (buy from shops or eBay)

Weapon : Staff

14th March 2016: Jewellery Part 3 Last necklace made again part polymer, along with some already made stuff like pony beads.
Finishing off with gloss and glitter. This necklace was a little tricky to put together.

Polymer Clay & Spring ends & pony Beads

Necklace cord, small jump rings, lobster claps
(Fred's Habdashery, Chesterfield, Derbyshire)

14th March 2016: Jewellery Part 2 Next part of jewellery making is the crystal pendant.
Made out of polymer, which is then baked and finished off with gitter and gloss.

Polymer Clay & Spring Ends

Necklace cord, small jump rings, lobster claps
(Fred's Habdashery, Chesterfield, Derbyshire)

14th March 2016: Jewellery Part 1 Making of the earings, made out of polymer then baked. Finished off with glitter and gloss.

Polymer Clay

Earring Studs
(Fred's Handashery, Chesterfield, Derbyshire)

(Hobby Craft, Chesterfield, Derbyshire)

14th March 2016: How Costume Look So Far (Catching up with updates) Got my mum to take photos of me and myself of wearing the finished costume.
At least the major part is done. Can get on with other things.

14th March 2016: Top finished (Catching up with updates) I finished the top cutting the diamond features at the back, then pinching each one like a bow sewing a band round with a bead attached to making it look the same like fangs ref.

The sides I added ribbon inside out and right side to make it look like I have cut open the back to make the bow features, then lastly finishing off tidying the arm holes and neck hole with ribbon.

I am thinking to do the bottom tidying up with ribbon and add another bow bead as well, but will do that later another time or leave it not sure? I proberly leave it.

Material : Pony Jesery Fabric
(Esberge Fabrics, Chesterfield, Derbyshire)

Black Ribbon
(Fred's Habdashery, Chesterfield, Derbyshire)

Pick & Mix Beads
(hobby Craft, Chesterfield, Derbyshire)

6th March 2016: Jewellery Side Almost got all the bits need for jewellery making, just need Spring ends & flat back pole earing ends with studs which I might decide to get either the local shop or eBay.
Photo shows what I have got so far.

Necklace cords & clapses, jump rings
(Fred's Habdashery) Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Pony Beads, Fimo Polymer, Polymer Gloss

6th March 2016: Back feature ideas : Fangs Top Been looking at the back, on how it looks on fangs top.
Will add a ref image in the photos section.

Diamond templates to get the idea.
I will figures something out, how to do the back then just need to add ribbon and I'm done about.

6th March 2016: How it looks so far : Fangs Top (Almost Done) : Wearing This is how the top looks on me so far, I'm quite impressed how it looks. And for my first cosplay made by myself.
There is still a few things to before I can say it's complete, but I'm getting there.

Material : Black pony jersey
(Esberge fabrics) Chesterfield, Derbyshire

6th March 2016: How it looks so far : Fangs Top (Almost Done) This is how the top looks so far, like I said in previous posts the back has been proved.
Working on the top inside out.

All that needs doing with the top is the back feature, and getting some nice black ribbon to tidy the edges.

Material : Black pony jersey material
(Esberge fabrics) Chesterfield, Derbyshire

6th March 2016: Progress : Fangs Top : How it looks A collection of images of how to top looks tacked, and how the top looks before and after when cut the front and back out.

Material : Caclio
(Esberge Fabrics) Chesterfield, Derbyshire

6th March 2016: Progress : Fangs Top Since cutting the right templates for the top, I marked the front part to make the design look more a bit like fangs as well as the back.
(Further on this progress have improved the back more)

Material : Caclio
(Esberge Fabrics) Chesterfield, Derbyshire

6th March 2016: Working on the top Now I'm not always good with making in fashion, don't do what I did.
I first got a vest top doing a template, but relishing it's not that easy. So I had to mark the top out a bit bigger while measuring my chest, waist etc to help.

You will eventually see I have it perfect. So far

Material : caclio
(Esberge Fabrics) Chesterfield, Derbyshire

6th March 2016: Finished Product : Fangs Sweat Bands To make them I add a fold on the openings which you will see top and bottom, then the sides sewn togather which I worked inside out.
On the right you will see how they will look.

Material : Black pony jersey
(Esberge fabrics) Chesterfield, Derbyshire

6th March 2016: Fangs Sweat Bands : Mock Up These collection of images show the mock up of makng fangs swear bands, there had to be a few adjustment.
Even though it looked ok it were slightly baggy.

I half the size which I can cut out two bits togather to make into one, for the actual making of the sweat bands.

Material : cacilo
(Esberge fabrics) Chesterfield, Derbyshire

2nd March 2016: Top sari, tidy edges
I tidy the other side up looking nice and to stop fraying when wearing.
Still need to do the bottom sari the same, but the gold ribbon I got left when making the sari isn't long enough.
Will have to head back the shop and get the gold ribbon again but longer for the finishing touches.

Image One Front

2nd March 2016: Top sari, tidy edges I tidy the other side up looking nice and to stop fraying when wearing.
Still need to do the bottom sari the same, but the gold ribbon I got left when making the sari isn't long enough.
Will have to head back the shop and get the gold ribbon again but longer for the finishing touches.

Image One Back

2nd March 2016: Finishing Touches The sari's are complete but will be tidying the edges that don't have ribbon on, by doing a fold and tidying up.
Here is a diagram, will show the results in a next post.

2nd March 2016: Finished sari together Image two finished sari.
Can work on other things off the list.

2nd March 2016: Finished sari together Image one finished sari.
Can work on other things off the list.

2nd March 2016: Yayaya looking like fangs sari The bottom one was done first. Then the top one after.

2nd March 2016: Sari is complete but catching up. The finished look how it is on both sari's
Bottom sari in this image.

2nd March 2016: Sari is complete but catching up. Since doing all the ribbon sashes for the front and back, I then pinned and tacked, ready to go through the the sewing machine to all hold together.

So be patient when making a time taking cosplay.

2nd March 2016: Sari is complete but catching up. These were some of the sashes I were working on before I got to the point of the line feature with the triangles.
I can say I did well bloody sweat and tears :)

2nd March 2016: Sari is complete but catching up. The line feature on the ribbon sashes were thin, but decided to thicken up giving them more boldness.
My attempts were a few times but I came through.

2nd March 2016: Sari is complete but catching up. Hi guys so I haven't been able to update for a while my laptop had gave up the ghost so haven't been able to stream for a while or update stuff. So having to save for a new laptop now bit sad but shit happens hope the next well will be better.

How ever I wil show you photos of the progress so far that I been doing offline.

This image show the set up of getting the design down on the ribbon sashes, which is stencil and hand painted pinned down with masking tape.

Will have to say it was tricky but I came through.

27th February 2016: Working On The Next Bit (Part 1) While progress on the sari is still on going for the cosplay costume, I went into town today to get some bits on the next bit for the costume. Which is the top/sweat bands and jewelry (Necklaces).

Below will show the first part of the necklace design along with bits brought from local shop to help go towards making the necklace.

Necalace Cords From:
(Freds Haberdashery), Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Necklace Attachments From:
(Freds Haberdashery), Chesterfield Derbyshire

27th February 2016: Working On The Next Bit (Part 2) While progress on the sari is still on going for the cosplay costume, I went into town today to get some bits on the next bit for the costume. Which is the top/sweat bands and jewelry (Necklaces).

Below will show the second part of the fabric chosen, to make a mock up of the top and sweat bands while also the fabric to acullay make. Brought from local shop to help go towards making the costume.

Fabric From:
(Esberger Fabrics) Chesterfield, Derbyshire

23rd February 2016: Test Wash Design Since now finish making the last ribbon sash for the sari, as they did take a long time to make I will soon be adding the design onto them.

But before I decided to go ahead I have done a test wash on two design pieces I previously done in the past.

I have put a description on what I used to wash & what temperature, you will also see how long I took to fix the design by ironing with the timer settings.

To fix the design, depending what fabric paint your using should have a description on the product. The fabric paint I am using is called:

Trimits - Crafty Bits
Fabric Paint

> Test before use on scrap fabric
> Create a design on fabric & allow paint to dry fully
> Paint should be fully dry in 2hr
> To fix design, completely cover with additional fabric & iron using medium heat for 2-3 mins
> Once fixed the item is washable at 40c
> DO not tumble dry or dry clean
> Paints can be mixed to create any color

Now in the images I see the paint has slightly faid a bit if you look closely, I think this was because I used fabric softener which I would recommend not using.

Also it could depend on the heat settings on iron & how long your taking to fix design.

Lastly it also could mean are you adding enough paint on whole design before fixing, this is why I am glad I have done a test before real thing.

If your worried about the design compleatly going away you don't have to wash it if you don't want to just free-breeze it instead.

How I got the design on the fabric you can find in previous posts in journal.

Hope this has been helpful.

Fabric Paints
Dark Blue, Blueberry, White
From : (Fred's Haberdashery) Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Material Fabric
White Thick Silk Satin
From : (Esberger Fabrics) Chesterfield, Derbyshire

17th February 2016: Bottom & Top Sari's I Used the mock up sari's I did & layed them on top of the royal blue fabric to cut out the body patterns, one for the bottom & one for the top.

Really happy with the color & material.
My reason royal blue is my frav color & the material which is a silk satin, but a little thicker that wont be too fiddly. Also I feel this looks more nice for fangs sari.

In the photo you will see two ribbon sashes I have done so far, which have gold ribbon edge hand pinned, tacked & stitched. There not sewn on material, just layed to show how they will look on the material with out the design on which I still need to do.

Materials From :

Royal Blue & White Ribbon Sash : Thickish Silk Satin Fabric
(Esberger Fabrics) Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Gold Ribbon
(Fred's Haberdashery) Chesterfield, Derbyshire

16th February 2016: MATERIAL IN & Creative Streams I finally got the material I were waiting for & been doing some creative streams working on the cosplay.

I have so much to update on my page but I am least letting you know.
Will start to explain on the next posts, at mo highlighting videos on twitch.

7th February 2016: Ribbon Sash, The First Two Ok I know I am going to make the cosplay live on twitch soon, but I thought towards prep work to talk about in the stream I started properly making the first two ribbon sash's for the bottom sari.

Currently there is no design on them as I AM going to do the design in the creative stream , I just thought best too make the two ribbon sash's which will be at the front & back with the body material in the middle like a sandwich. I will need to do the same on the bottom.

The ribbon sash's that I have made are for the bottom sari but at the top, just need to do the same for the bottom.

I am going to keep to the references, as if you didn't know the ribbon edge is on either side and the design is on the front and back. Nice this way instead of leaving the back part plain white.

But a bit like the mock up sari I know which is the right side of the material which has a shine to it and one side dosent, same with the white ribbon sash material.

Anyway here is images of the two ribbon sash's how they look which I have started.
Also I layed it against the mock up material to show how it will look, it will be same on the back as well.

Just need to paint the design on now, and have all the other sash's to do in the creative stream soon.

Material from:

Gold Ribbon

(Fred's Haberdashery) Chesterfield, Derbyshire

White Ribbon Sash Material & Light Blue Mock Up Material

(Esberger Fabrics) Chesterfield, Derbyshire

7th February 2016: Stilll Waiting..... Ok I am still waiting for the royal blue material to be in stock, & I have wrote a list for this month what is needed to hopefully start the creative stream soon making fangs cosplay. This is why this costume is still in planned.

Whilst I wait I did manage to shorten down the top sari to 3 meters, where in the journal a photo of me wearing the sari mock up shown it was quite long. I am going to use this sari mock up as the pattern for making the the proper sari, when I get the material.

Most important thing I need to get to start the creative stream soon, when making the actual cosplay is a decent web cam & tripod.

I will how ever still update the journal of my progress and include images.

7th February 2016: How It Will Look So now I have done the first two ribbon sash's, and still got the others to do.

I thought I show how the design will look on the actual ribbon sash but not painted YET, and showing the amount of space or room on the sash.

When you do come to put the actual design on the ribbon sash, masking tape the end and all around the edges to hold down, and making sure no paint goes all over the pace. Also work on a cutting mat, which will not get any mess on tables or anything you dont want it going on.

I how ever just for now to show have used cello tape but making tape is better, because cello tape can be way sticky and lift up material badly moving everything around whilst design drying.

Make sure to buy a few rolls of making tape so you can repeat the process but try and avoid from not touching the design, when drying and get close to the first design to have one long continued design going, but not letting the stencil go on first design.

To stop this from happy place a4 paper on each design when doing the next design, so it docent get on the stencil.

But I will show the making of this in my creative stream soon on twitch.

Once that is all done & dry you can then hand paint the lines with the triangle features as the last part of the design.

Remember, the fabric paints I've used which you can fine some where in the journal takes around 2hr to dry.

And last note TAKE YOUR TIME, rushing something can make you make more mistakes if not careful.

White Ribbon Sash : Thickish Silk Satin Fabric
(Esberger Fabrics) Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Gold Ribbon
(Fred's Haberdashery) Chesterfield, Derbyshire

4th February 2016: UGHH.... Still Waiting Hopefully the Dark/Royal Blue material will come soon in stock as I went into town today to see if it was in stock. Sadly it still not in stock but the people at the fabric shop said they let me know when it is hopefully.

On the other hand I did manage to get more white fabric paint as I felt one pot might not be enough.

3rd February 2016: Designs Changed - Sari Diagram So I have adjusted the size of both pieces of sari working from the example Japanese diagram, which I first drawn up my own in start of this project.

Since working the original design, I first shorten the bottom sari from 3.5 meters to 3 meters. This was because it would be too long and there be too much not needed.

The top sari how ever, as I already made this with out thinking this was too long and would drag on the floor and would ruin sari it's self, I can shorten this down again before using the mock up sari's as a pattern for the PROPER material.

But in the previous journal will show the mock up sari I am wearing and the errors I have come across, I can easily shorten these down after before making the proper sari with the Dark/Royal Blue material. (Bottom sari already sorted just the top sari)

So as I can say the image you will see is the PROPER design to cut and make the sari with the Dark/Royal Blue material at these measurements.

3rd February 2016: COMPLETE - Mock up test/experiment So from the blue material I had, I made mock up of fangs sari from that.
From the design I have set, through out making of sucess & fails which I have come across I am considering to change the design or adjust it.

So what I will be doing is drawing up a new design showing the correct measurements I have decided to stick with, when making the PROPER sari.

(Images add on this journal soon)
The images how ever in journal will show the mock up sari of what I have achieved so far, and then the next journal I will talk about the re adjusted design that will be set for the proper material I am getting tmoro.

I will how ever have the PROPER material cut ready for making soon when I do a creative STREAM on twitch.

Material From:

Light Blue Mock Up Material
(Fred's Haberdashery) Chesterfield, Derbyshire

27th January 2016: Color Threads & Dark/Royal Blue Material Ok here is a picture of some threads which I brought from my frav shop.
Which is Freds Haberdashery.

The colors are light blue, which I am working with the light blue material as a mock up sari, that will also be part of the pattern for the proper sari to place on the Dark/Royal Blue material soon, I am currently waiting for it to be in stock soon this week, which should be ready by thursday.

Dark/Royal Blue threads are next, which will be used with the Dark/Royal Blue material I am waiting for soon to make the proper sari, of fangs cosplay.

White thread will be for tacking and sewing the white ribbon sash on fangs sari.

Last, a gold like thread for the gold ribbon edge for fangs sari will be used.

Threads From:
Freds Haberdashery, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

26th January 2016: Pattern Mock Up So as I am deciding to get the Dark/Royal Blue Satan Silk or other kind of Dark/Royal Blue material soon, changing my mind & what the color should be. I though of doing a mock up with the blue material i had would be ideal and not go to waste.

The difficult thing is the light blue material which is a material of (Satan Silk) is very fiddly, fray & hard to keep a hold of. If I want to to wear the sari made of this material I properly need someone to help. But like I said I consider getting a material of this or something diffrenent.

Im not worried about the ribbon design fabric or marking & cutting which that is easy, but it's just the main body fabric Im little worried about.

Looking back at the designs I have set for the body of the fabric & top may have to be adjusted.
I think some measuresurements from this design will be taken back when I tidy up the edges.

24th January 2016: Stencil Experiment Compare Since getting a good result from the test experiment, I had been thinking if to keep it towards the colors I have chosen or the references.

And I have made my mind to keep it towards the references, simply because it looks nice and righter to have when working from fangs reference.

I just have to get it close to the colors shown in the images by mixing the fabric paints I have got.

Also what I have relies the line with the triangles is on the wrong side, so planning not to get it wrong when I do it properly.

22nd January 2016: Stencil Experiment Results The images you will see is the set up for me to do the stencil experiment.

I mixed various colors to get close to fangs sari ribbon design, and as I thought dark blue would be great for the sari material which I need to get soon I experiment with both of the stencils to get result.

First with the paper and then the laminated one, What I didn't first did was MOST IMPORTANT!!! was stuck down the stencil with celo tape which holds the design. Even though this is a test I would do for the real thing.
Also guys if you want to make your own sponge for printing, get dish-wash sponges & take off the green rough material cutting big fat squares, not like the little ones in image.

First cover the whole stencil, WATCH THE EDGES & leave to dry around 2 hr.
Then take off the design to see the result, I also experiment the line & zig zags to see how it will look for the ribbon.

Eventually I got better with the third one on the end, trying out the gold ribbon with as well.

When I do the real thing I will be adding the gold ribbion on both sides, I feel it will look better this way.

Also I WILL be taking my time on making the ribbon design perfect as these test experiments look a little rushed.

After the design has dried you need to fix the design by laying over scrap fabric & ironing on for 2-3 Minuits on medium heat. Then it should be done.

If you want to know if it washes ok, best off doing a experimental wash on 30 cool wash and check the results, to see if the design has stayed on or not.

Do not tumble dry or dry clean as the design may come off.

22nd January 2016: Got material, but not sure about the colour ? Well I went into town today to gather the materials need for the sari, I really liked the dark blue and the light blue material I saw, that they had so I chosen the light blue.

As well got more fabric paint to go with the thickish white satin silk fabric for the ribbon sari. The rectangle piece is just a sample.

But looking at the material I brought and the reference of fangs cosplay Felt the material color was nice but didn't look right, the shop did have a dark blue of the material which did look nice, and im considering to go buy the dark blue material to make the sari soon.

The blue material how ever I could use to make the sari again, but slight change of colors in the ribbon sari patterns. In a way great having two sari's in different styles of color to mix and match.

What do you guys think????

Photo took with and with out flash.

Paints From:
Freds Haberdashery, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Material From:
Esberger Fabrics, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

22nd January 2016: Test Experiment I am doing some stencils of the design in paper and paper & laminate sheets, to see how the prints of the designs look in results. For example the paint not to look messy, chappy or bleed.

Will post my results soon.

I have consider if stencil isn't right for my costume painting would be ok ish but would take longer to get finished.

16th January 2016: Design diagrams : How to make the Vest top & Arm Sweat Bands The main fabric I want to go check or waiting for stock for fangs costume is still on the wait, still had no call back yet.

However other things I am looking at and working on is fangs vest top & arm sweat bands, as well as her jewelry too.

I have created designs on how it may look for the costume, as well deciding what materials to use to make. I will explain the materials what I am going to use for the next journal soon.

You will see the illustrations in the designs what materials I maybe consider using to make fangs top.

The pattern for the top how ever I thought what might be easy is using a black normal vest/tank top, folding half and drawing round it for the front and back making the pattern. So that next I can use to cut out the material and mod the style and look.

15th January 2016: Design diagrams : How to make the jewelry (2) Coming back to the designs I have drawn for fang's ref jewelry, I have decided the jewelry will now look like this for the finish look when I make them.

The materials I am going to make them out of I will include in the next journal with photo's soon, you might see in the previous journal notes of the design illustrated what materials I am considering to use.

14th January 2016: Design diagrams : How to make the jewelry Other things I have been working on whilst waiting for a call back about the materials needed to make the sari, for fangs cosplay is the design of the jewelry. Producing drawn diagrams, explaining what materials to use to make them and how etc.

In a creative and colorful way and style, I feel when I add these diagrams as in photo's they may be useful for someone to check, if there wanting to make there own fang cosplay.

Will explain materials I am using soon, when take photos of me acullay making the jewelry.

14th January 2016: Other things on the list Now whilst I am waiting for the material to be in stock and get a call back from the shop, I did how ever thought of other things that may be important to get.

Such as the ribbon trim edging & paints for the design.

I went to another shop I knew next to the fabric shop and got some ribbon and a pot of fabric paint for the list.

The ribbon I got is the same length across from the ribbon sash from the diagrams, but for the edging to tidy up, and the pot of paint to test and also decided if I want to have the design in dark blue color or a slight light blue from the ref.

I can buy this brand of paint in the blueberry color, which is lighter and mix the two paints experiments light or darker colors. I also think they have white in this brand of paint too which I could go and get as well or ask at the shop.

But it's always about experimenting before acullay deciding first.

The paint & ribbon are from : Freds Haberdashery, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK
(Can be found on FACEBOOK PAGE)

They have put a order down for me to have three more of this blue, as there were only one pot and I don't think I would have enough to do the whole pattern.

I will start experimenting and working on this costume when I got the materials and more of the paints needed soon.

Looking at this ref only show the gold on one side, but the ref image of Fang shows on both sides. (Can be found on main page were I collected image Ref's)

I don't know to have the gold trim on one side or both, but if it were up to me I have both on each side, looks nicer and tidier as well organised.

14th January 2016: Material Fabric (On the wait) I went to a fabric shop yesterday to have help looking for the materials needed for the sari that I want to make, I saw a really nice dark blue material with a shine to it but wouldn't look nothing like Fang's ref images.

When I was looking at the ref image I had in my little note book and looking at examples cosplays over the net, I felt that there was going to be a slight challenge.
What I mean by this was choosing the right color, would the materials be adaptable to wash & have paint design on it. And would it look right wearing as well with strength and strongness.

The materials that the shop owner said they had were out in stock and waiting for another load. I think I be able to sort this issue out and find a suitable material as well colors to fang ref. Now is just the waiting game.

14th January 2016: Decided Measurements Since figuring out the measurements how to have the material cut for the costume I have now drawn up two diagrams how it should be cut.

The two diagram will show you the measurement to be cut out for the sash material, the second will be the ribbon to be cut and added onto the sash material.

(Sorry if the image showing up wrong sided, dunno why?)

9th January 2016: The Start of the challenge Since looking and gathering references & also watching videos etc over the net, my first worry was the shape of material needed to be cut and length.

If you look from the Japanese image it show you two long rectangles, were ones not very long but quite big.

The other quite long and slightly thin.

Now I am not sure if I be able to have the material just like that to wear, as I seen some people who done the same but having the ribbon L shaped. I would how ever like to keep it as the Japanese ref.

So from what I know in the Japanese image is the sizing for the materials go as this:

1m x 2.5m (Which im guessing the top)

0.7 x 3m (Which im guessing the bottom)

Now I am 5,7 & my waist is 32-34 Inches, & I like to have a skirt length about 40-44 Inches. What I want to know or ask is how long and wide do I need the blue material to be?

Then I can figure how long the ribbon materials needs to be before painting or applying anything on it.

My best bet is to ask my cosplay friends if they know, or someone who works at a materials shop. See if they can be any help.

(For those who might be any help if you know or how can you reply in comments section thank you)

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InfiniteJester - 16th January 2016
Impressive research - looking forward to seeing progress!

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Valentine Cosplay Gaming - 2nd May 2016

I was thinking of going to London in May but leaving it this year, next year maybe.
I am going to two local cons in Sheffield.

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SamanthaKaiba - 15th March 2017
I love Fang and you look amazing as her. Nice work ^_^

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Valentine Cosplay Gaming - 16th March 2017
Thanks will be her in may at london mcm, hopefully entering in contest.

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delusional - 29th June 2017
This looks fantastic! And I love the amount of detail you've gone into in your journals, it's wonderful reading how it all came together :)

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Valentine Cosplay Gaming - 1st July 2017
Awwww ty so much I love this Cosplay & Fang 😊