Steampunk Firefighter
Flight of the Valkyrie, Steampunk

Cosplayer: Leadmill

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

1st Place - Collectormania London November '09

FuyuCon 2009

Alias Cosplay avatar

Alias Cosplay - 3rd June 2009
I'm looking forward to seeing this!

sjbonnar avatar

sjbonnar - 12th July 2009
It's looking like utter win!

Defrain avatar

Defrain - 14th July 2009
gunna weigh a ton lol

Captain_Marvelous avatar

Captain_Marvelous - 15th July 2009
Weight is an issue but you gotta respect a Steampunk willing to suffer for the art ^.^ this is really amazing, the webbing strapping you to the tank is awesome!

Littlegeeky avatar

Littlegeeky - 16th July 2009
This is such a brilliant idea. I can't wait to see this, I'll be asking for your picture at Aya ^_^ I bet the finished product will be amazing!

sjbonnar avatar

sjbonnar - 11th October 2009
That is looking bloody ace!

Alias Cosplay avatar

Alias Cosplay - 12th October 2009
Looking good, slowly getting there! It was worth pursuing with :)

roguearcanis avatar

roguearcanis - 20th October 2009
This looks so fecking awesome :D Can't wait to see it for real!

Alias Cosplay avatar

Alias Cosplay - 12th November 2009
It turned out great! :)

HotshotShan avatar

HotshotShan - 12th November 2009
Loved this, the whole Steampunk group was amazing.

JakeX avatar

JakeX - 12th November 2009
I love this idea so much leadmill <3

RanmaSyaoran avatar

RanmaSyaoran - 1st May 2010
Fantastic idea and a brilliant piece of metalwork!