Costume :Shura
Source :Soul Calibur IV
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Aya Revolution 2009

Costume Photos

Shura pin up!! 2

Shura pin up!! 1

Shura back full view

Shura BUM (haha, swords in the way)

Shura front full view

Shura front view OMG CLEAVAGE

Shura front view

Shura at the Sweatdrop Stand!

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Costume Information

Cost : £100ish, oh god, don't want to think about it
Time Taken : 2-3 days + lots of angst

It's mostly complete, I know that there were a few aspects of it which weren't exactly perfect (dark brown cording on the swords, prominent fangs on the demon skull) but I got everything else. Besides, I think people were concentrating on looking at other bits XD

Apologies for the slightly porny nature of the photos, but to be perfect honest, it is hard to pose modestly at all in this outfit!!

For the day itself, I forgot to put on any makeup and I didn't bother with any tit tape or padding, just relied on my awesome front clasp bra and my hair blocking any spots and good lighting XD

Well, at least I don't have to worry about certain aspects of the costume, as I have them already XD but many parts of this will be challenging, to say the least.

The top, I have a good pattern for - got a great waistcoat that fully displays the C-cups, woo! So I'll base the top off that. I've got the setta sandals, long tabi socks as a base and lots of dark navy material for the bandages/strips.

I'm guessing the original costume is using some form of animal hide. I think the closest I can get without messing things up royally is a dense weave stonewash black denim... maybe I can grab a few cheap things can I can rip to shreds and heavily customise.

Hmm. Giant demon skull on shoulder. 2 daikatanas, which must have working draw-able blades. Black leather THONG??!!

Problems to be dealt with in time, I'm sure...


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Wow! Stunning cosplay. I'm sure your going to look great. Can't wait to see the progress.

by Sephirayne on Monday, 1 June, 2009 - 20:07
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omg didnt know you where doing her! damn if i get taki finished in time we need pics! your going to look awesome!

by Kaka Extreme on Thursday, 18 June, 2009 - 11:01
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You looked awesome at Aya. I didn't know you had such an amazing figure. Very stunning X

by Sephirayne on Monday, 17 August, 2009 - 17:36
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Very cool! I loved the skull sholderguard

by Taffeta_Rose on Tuesday, 18 August, 2009 - 17:37
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Fab costume. You really looked stunning in it. Great job.


by Sephirayne on Tuesday, 18 August, 2009 - 17:54
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Dead sexy I must say, loving the stories of you stripping in the dealers room.

by Shenny on Tuesday, 18 August, 2009 - 17:56
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You made an awesome Shura!!! so epic!

by kirokitsune on Tuesday, 18 August, 2009 - 18:24
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Aw sweeties, thank you so much ♥ And Shenny - lol, yeah, I was thinking should I bother going to the ladies... NAH! *STRIP*

by sonia_leong on Tuesday, 18 August, 2009 - 18:27
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This was a delight to see in many different ways! You pull off the character so well~ Gourgeous cosplay <3

by Uni on Tuesday, 18 August, 2009 - 19:05
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very nicely done XD, you look great ^^

by nanahara on Tuesday, 18 August, 2009 - 19:57
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What DID your husband say about this costume? ;)

by Manjou on Tuesday, 18 August, 2009 - 20:10
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My husband loves it ♥

by sonia_leong on Thursday, 20 August, 2009 - 00:37
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You looked really awesome in this! THink you should wear this at Expo so I can join the semi-naked crew! I was really amazed at how light those swords were too!

by White Leviathan on Thursday, 20 August, 2009 - 00:42
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Perfect Shura, wicked costume! Bet your glad it was a nice weekend :P

by Ilpala on Friday, 21 August, 2009 - 08:28
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Your Shura was fantastic! ^^ and you pulled off the character brilliantly. Great poses ^^

by DarkElf on Sunday, 23 August, 2009 - 20:24
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Such bravery wearing this!
Fabulous costume, and really suited you =^_^=

by Lunar_Kitten on Sunday, 23 August, 2009 - 22:21
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Fantastic! you do this costume alot of justice ^__^

by FairyPorchQueen on Tuesday, 25 August, 2009 - 20:26
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ZOMG so hot! Why are you so ridiculously beautiful??! xxx

by Nocturnal Blossom on Tuesday, 25 August, 2009 - 21:13
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Wooow you look amazing! *_* I admire your bravery to wear such a costume!

by CrystalNeko on Tuesday, 25 August, 2009 - 21:20
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OMG You make such a amazing Shura!!! *_*
I can't get over how awesome this cosplay is it's perfect!

by Charlie-Bear on Wednesday, 26 August, 2009 - 19:27
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Ok. This is LITERALLY amazing. You look beautiful, and the outfit is absolutely flawless!

by PKNIVES on Wednesday, 26 August, 2009 - 20:20
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Sonia that was the best Shuna cosplay ever I love it! ^_^

by RebaSephiroth2 on Monday, 7 September, 2009 - 21:40
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amazing cosplay just looked brillant

by timpey on Tuesday, 15 September, 2009 - 23:12

To-Do List

Swords - last bits of customisation...HighIn Progress
Demon skull - needs fangs and to be painted!HighIn Progress
Chaps - sewn, need painting!MediumComplete
Top - sewn, needs painting!MediumComplete
Bandages - can sort everything but the left arm glove so far....MediumComplete
Setta sandals - currently have blue cord, need red cordLowComplete
Hair - got it already, just need to grow out the bangsLowComplete